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"BLESSED & REMOVED" - Phoenix Rose Essence

"BLESSED & REMOVED" - Phoenix Rose Essence

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Those who try to be a part of your world

During this time will be removed


The Light is for you Alone.


It is a strange, compelling sequence of events that unfold as you stand ready to STEP INTO THE LIGHT - THE LIGHT OF ONENESS.

They are, at once, so touchingly tender, you could almost cry.  They are, too, so powerful that if seen from afar, it might appear as if a quake had been released.  Without a sound.  Unbeknownst to most.  But clearing the path before you in ways you could never foresee or hope to imagine.  It's all . . . a powerful script created BY LIGHT.

And it is something designed to move you TO THE VERY CREATRIX POINT you most need to be - in order to truly step into THE LIGHT coming to take presence BEFORE YOU.  So that you can say yes - and invite it in - as your truth of your being.  Doing so awakens IT WITHIN YOU - aligns all outer layers of your beingness with the one, pure truth at your core - THE ONENESS OF LIGHT.

And in that most spectacular of processes of transformation - as you prepare for the metamorphosis before you - those who try to be a part of your world . . . this frequency of light which you are fearlessly learning to awaken from within . . . will be BLESSED.  They are blessed by  all that you hold dear, by all the life and light which lives within you, and YOUR LOVE in its highest aspects of being RAIN DOWN upon, and into, the hearts of those most cherished, most adored, most loved - most a part of you.

And then - they are removed.   Some way - some how - in some aspect of the tangles and webs and strands between you . . . a distancing will be created.  Whether it is physical or not depends - in large measure - on them.  Where they are in their own physical journey within the matrix OF BEING TRUE and OF LIVING AS LIGHT.  Moreover, their soul is the one WHO CHOOSES this removal.  THEIR SOUL whispers the word, and the universe brings forth the situations which cause them - in some way - to be removed from your world.

Understanding this ahead of time - even expecting it - helps you to open your heart most truly.  During this time, then, you can speak your deepest and most soulful truths - knowing the time between you is limited now - and will be changing.  MORE IMPORTANTLY - to truly greet - and to honor - their soul's choosing with your highest self and your highest Light . . . you must release all your fear and human thoughts about "LOSING" them.  You can't.  They are deeply a part of YOUR LIGHT - through your LOVE.  And that part cannot be touched or ever separated.  And that very part - YOUR LIGHT - YOUR LOVE - is the deepest truth of your being.  Own It.  Nurture It.  GROW STRONG IN ITS POWERFUL KNOWING of just how sacred, just how magical, just how truly and deeply this time between you, and before you both,. . . IS ABOUT LOVE.

THIS ESSENCE comes to LIGHT THE WAY as you embrace both the blessings and gifts of your time with those you love - while also embracing with just as much joy and soulful presence . . . as you watch the dance of light between you . . . when they are removed.  They may still be right there - but they are not going to be connected with you in the same way.  Not a part of your world as before.

If you see this time from YOUR ESSENCE - you will be happy.  You will feel peace.  You will sense the undercurrents of soulful, spirit-filled gifts you yourself are giving to those you love - even if removed - during this time.  UNDERSTAND this is part of the process - and is a sacred part.  So honor it.  Adore it, even.  And know . . . that MAGIC happens when we least expect it.  So keep your eyes ever open - and see with the sight of the soul.  And you will be happy and at peace, as your own Transformation deepens . . . and its blessings flow through to all those you once held dearly to you and your life.  This is a dance.  Trust the parts where they swirl or twirl or turn away.  IT IS DIVINE.

Need we say more?  THIS SACRED ESSENCE comes to raise that very awareness within you.  So that you, too, can joyfully embrace one of the deepest parts of the DANCE as you prepare TO ENTER ONENESS.  And do so with your whole heart.  Without regret.  With the truest of knowings that . . . YOU ARE THE GIFT OF LIGHT NOW.  Honor its presence - even when it seems something must leave.

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