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THE PHOENIX ROSE Essences Of Light

Oh My Goodness!
These Essences came forward during a powerful vortex of Light here unlike anything I had ever seen before - and I've seen quite a bit!
They were at once achingly tender - and undeniably powerful.  They took a long time to birth as their preparations and preludes to the actual essence stretched out over time - an arc that was, in itself, extraordinary.  They used energy matrixes, filters, and presences of Light untouched on earth before - all coming through here courtesy of THE PHOENIX and her rebirth of THE SOUL'S LIGHT . . . preparing to enter ONENESS.  Which is, of course, ever a state of beingness - a truth of the soul - not something your mind can truly grasp at the outset.
She - THE PHOENIX - is nothing like what we think - have been taught - believe . . . nothing like what IS SAID OF HER.  She is quite different.  I count it one of my most ethereally powerful gifts to have been blessed by her presence in a way that allowed her FULL TRUTH OF BEING to be seen - shared - gifted . . .  understood.  IT changed me.  It will change you.
Which is ever her point:  SHE IS the passageway into ONENESS.  It lives inside each of us, yes.  But she knows the path of ALCHEMY and TRANSFORMATION which allows us to embrace the metamorphosis which changes our bodies and minds to allow our own truest LIGHT FIELD TO BIRTH.  It is that which can only be born within THE HEART OF ONENESS. 
She comes with special frequencies of Light to share, gifts designed particularly for those wishing or willing to now LIVE AS LIGHT.  That process begins with Transformation to receive the frequencies which will be coming once your body and  mind are in sync with THE LIGHT and can receive them - without fear.
These essences come to LIGHT and ILLUMINATE the way.  They gift to each of us a brightly shining beacon of Light which allows us to take the journeys of alchemy within us which will enable us to HOLD . . . THE TRUTHS, GIFTS and SECRETS of LIGHT . . . Living at THE HEART OF ONENESS.
If you are drawn to these, oh, a most blessed journey awaits you.  Use one - use them all - your soul will direct this most magical of unfoldings.  It is a soulful alchemy.  One known only to THE ROSE.  And THE PHOENIX's LIGHT births that very knowing.
With all of our heart, we give you these, our newest, most precious - and potent - of creations.  As they were given to us.  WE sometimes, as humans, think change is slow or hard - it isn't.  We just have to be ready for what it brings - and in alignment deeply and truly within ourselves.  And then . . . that LIGHT WITHIN US . . . unfurls.  Just like the phoenix's precious feathers of light . . . which become THE SACRED PETALS of THE ROSE.  That at the center of THE SACRED HEART.
That journey can be yours - just say when.
Blessings of Phoenix Light . . . And Rainbows of Inner Magic . . . await you here.

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