Come open your heart, ignite your path, live your bliss
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The Moonbeams Of Love

This is such a magical, special collection!

Some very beautiful, very powerful, very magical Beings come forward here to share their enormously soulful wisdom and precious gifts for you.  Each one is special - unique - and rare.  Each one carries a very potent expression of Light.  And each comes to ignite an alignment in every person who listens and receives their gifts.

Soul to soul, they share inspiring truths and perspectives of living and dying that can - if you let them - completely shift your life.  Easily - powerfully - entirely!

These gifts come from those I call THE EMISSARIES OF LIGHT.    They have gathered together from the far reaches of this planet and the universe at large to bring to your doorstep something very rare:  a new way of looking at yourself and at physical life

Their purpose is simple.  To be the inaugural and igniting energy which becomes the birthing impulse for . . . THE Celesti*Ava SCHOOLS OF LIGHT.  A place being created to initiate sacred space, transformational energies, and awakening frequencies designed to rapidly and tenderly shift each and every soul on earth into THEIR HIGHEST ALIGNMENT to live as WHO THEY TRULY ARE.

In short, they come to share with you the tools and truths of a higher expression of life, so that you can fully embrace - and enact - your highest life's calling and Destiny of Light.  Why?  BECAUSE it is time for each of us to answer that call.  Without hesitation.  Without worry.  Without fear of any kind.  And with full understanding and presence of where OUR ESSENCE is calling us to soar.

You can read more about THE CELESTI*AVA SCHOOLS OF LIGHT here.

And you can, if you like, join the Sacred Light Beings who came to earth to ignite that rare gift to the world, here and beyond . . . by joining our family of light HERE

Our own life is about revealing and illuminating the magic and mystery, the power and purpose of Living As Light:  PURE ONENESS and the highest vibrational frequencies on earth.  If your soul is calling you to be a part of the family, and the magic, we are building here . . . we have two very special ways.  You are invited to choose one of our two magical options HERE.  You can become a very special part of The Light we are creating here, expanding out into the world.

Please enjoy - and nurture within your heart - the gifts so freely and soulfully given below.  Just add to your cart, check out for free, and step into the wondrous beginning of a MOST magical journey.  One that will change everything.  We promise you that!

The Light frequencies contained here are potent, transformative, and all-encompassing.  The Gifts given by these very special and wonderful souls of light are simply the prelude to . . . THE Celesti*Ava SCHOOLS OF LIGHT.  The schools are not what you think of a school to be.  They are about expansion, soulful play, and the deepest destinies of Light.

Their purpose?  They come to birth THE HEART OF ONENESS on earth.  And these first gifts, led into presence here on our shoppe by Georgie, are here to prepare the way . . . for a huge Starburst of Light that transforms life itself on earth through these new schools and sacred teachings.

Ready?  Add the gifts to your cart, check out for free, and an instant access link to that soul's special wisdom video(s) is yours.

We are so happy you have come.  May you be blessed - AND - transformed!  And inspired to live your own soul's life of truest bliss.

Enjoy this sacred prelude to the power and alchemy The Celesti*Ava SCHOOLS OF LIGHT will offer to the world.  To you.  To life itself.

Blessings of Magical, Soulful Transformation!

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