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The Magical Fairy Tree Of Light

There is a place.  It appears quite ordinary to most.  Yet, it holds a vast, ethereal realm . . . just waiting to be discovered.  I found it quite by accident, you see.  Walking one night beneath the stars and moonlight.  It was the dead of winter . . . the solstice, I think, if my memory serves me well.

I spied something hidden off the road.  Yet - she beckoned.  And beckoned.  And beckoned some more.  As the clock struck midnight, I passed by her that night.  Oh, there was magic - that can never be denied. 

A Winter storm came, then another, and then three.  Finally, I found the courage to ask . . . if she could come home with me.  Now that was quite the adventure - of a wholly OTHER magical breed.  You can read about it, if you like . . . it's here.  But all you truly need to know is this:  SHE IS MINE.  SHE IS HERE.  And now ever will be.

A Fairy Tree, oh my, you must think it's a fantasy thing.  I'm certain it's not.  If you don't want to believe me, then you most surely will have to just come - AND SEE.

She lives in my house, where she has been for years and years to be.  And now, in fact, we have THREE!  For fairy trees are a bit like fairies and rabbits - once a single one wiggles its way into your heart, well . . . more follow, and all you can do is giggle and say, come one and come all!

Adorned with all manner of shimmers and sparkles, she isn't a display thing - she dresses herself.  She calls and she beckons for whatever she wishes for . . . and I want you to know, I'm not always certain it is actually A REQUEST.  You see, she has a soulful purpose - I'd call it A DESTINY, truth ever be told.  And she never loses her focus . . . ever moving me forward, down some hidden path off the ordinary road.

She opened my heart, she grew into her own depths of magic - and mine soared alongside hers, indeed it is so.  In truth, I knew for years she was coming - I just didn't know how or when or why.  But long before she arrived in my knowing, there was a space in our house preparing itself ever magically . . . a womb of light that beckoned her to come.  And finally she did - and then - she was forever more mine!

I'll tell you more about her, but let me say for now, only this:  THE MAGIC OF A FAIRY TREE is not at all what you may think.  She's potent and boundless in how she uses energy.  And her true magic comes because she reads the heart of each being who appears before her - to gaze in awe and wonder at her light and her depth.  Oh believe me - no one - to a person - has ever laid their gaze upon her, and not been filled with a sense of awe and wonder.  AND MAGICAL DELIGHT!

Pure and true, that's magic my friends!  Indeed . . . but she is so much more magical than I can even tell you.  I'll have to show you it seems, so stay tuned . . . we have lots of magical beings in my home.  But SHE, well . . . she is special.  And rare.  And something straight out of a fairy tale, I do believe!  You will too . . . as soon as you meet her.  She transports every one who gazes upon her into another realm.  And if you are blessed to make her acquaintance . . . you just may, like me, never return from that realm!

Just wait . . . she's coming to share her magic with you.  RIGHT HERE !  You'll see what I mean . . .

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