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The Fairy Godmother's Magic

I have a friend.  She's quite special.  At first, you might think she is quite normal and ordinary, but I promise you, I know a better side of her than that.

She became inspired.  I sort of . . . touched her with a sprinkle of fairy dust, I think.  I asked her for something TRULY EXTRAORDINARY.  Something no one else would want, truth be told.  Something everyone else would have thrown away.  Her too, likely.  And she gave it to me.  Well, ever after . . . MAGIC UNFOLDED!

And that was the beginning of - I kid you not - A FAIRY TALE!

She makes something.  I adore them.  They are fairies, yes, but to me . . . they're something A LITTLE BIT DIFFERENT.  Contrary to what our world seems to believe, DIFFERENT CAN BE EXTRAORDINARY!

The more this person spent time with me, the more her magic grew.  I have to tell you, it's not coming from me.  But there IS something about me that seems to make it sparkle inside others.  It's always there.  It's silly, I know, but it's almost as if . .  . they just never knew.  But I SEE IT.   And I FEEL IT.  And if you hang around me long enough, what I see and feel and sense in you . . . is going to rise and bubble up to the surface.  LIKE A MAGIC POOL OF LIGHT and WHIMSY!

Well.  My friend.  Let's call her . . .  EDEN!  That's not her name.  Or is it? :- )

She makes some wondrous fairies.  I love them, each and every one.  I kid you not, sometimes - if I'm very good and sweet (just kidding) - they come down and  play with my fairies.  We have a grand time.  A Sleepover - without the sleeping, lol! - and that would be EVER EVER TRUE!

But back to THE FAIRY GODMOTHER thing.  I want you to think about something.  HOW DO FAIRY GODMOTHERS appear?  Well, by magic - oh, you are EVER too clever!  Ohhh - wow - look, I rhymed! :- )  What I mean to say  is . . . they don't exist in our realm.  They spend MOST of their time in fairy haven.  Yet, when they are needed or wish to bring you a blessing or gift, a sparkle or shimmer to brighten your life . . . they APPEAR.  And they don't just come - THEY COME WITH A FLOURISH!!!!  They make sure YOU SEE THEM.  They're not wallflowers, now are they?  And they are not much into stealth mode.  YOU NOTICE THEM the very second they come.  And why is that?  It's . . .the presentation, of course!  They're bigger than your average fairy - and that is by design, so you actually SEE THEM and don't miss them.  They usually have a special purpose for coming - and that is THE THEME they carry, THE GIFTS they are holding or bringing to lay at your feet or guide you into or through.

And - before we go much further - I just have to say . . . if for some strange and sad reason, you don't know if you actually BELIEVE in fairy godmothers . . . all I can say is this:  YOU WILL !

But there is yet another reason why FAIRY GODMOTHERS garner our attention.  Think about it.  Has it dawned on you yet?  They are like THE DIVAS of THE FAIRY REALM - THEY MAKE AN ENTRANCE, in a very good way!  THEIR WARDROBE ensures they will NOT BE MISSED - they MOST DEFINITELY WILL BE SEEN!

They tend to wear beautiful, wondrous things - the kinds of things A HUMAN might NOTICE and PAY ATTENTION TO - and OOOH and AHHHHH over.  Oh, it's all by design.  The Fairy Godmother can wear anything she likes.  We suspect, in her heart of hearts, she . .. well, how can I say this delicately . . . I suspect that in the fairy realm, she exhibits a bit of a little "au naturale" bent.  But in her joyful purpose as FAIRY GODMOTHER, she is going to make sure that YOU SEE and NOTICE HER!

Well, my friend's fairies are just that:  DROP DEAD GORGEOUS!  She often comments how mine are so ethereal and hers are different.  Yes, well.  That's perfect, you see.  BECAUSE I BELIEVE  her fairies  are THE FAIRY GODMOTHERS!  Even if they are the youngest ones of all, they are still, because of how they APPEAR and THEIR PRESENTATION . . . Fairy Godmothers, One and All.

So why do I have a whole category about something I don't even make?.  Well . . . I kinda do.  I've made a few fairies that whispered to me who they were . . . FAIRY GODMOTHERS EXTRAORDINAIRE!   But they're still . . . quite ethereal.  And they're not for sale.  I don't know if my friend will sell hers.  For you see, she like me, knows it is UP TO THE FAIRIES THEMSELVES when they go and who they choose.  It may sound strange to those not well-versed in fairy lore, but as you know . . . THE FAIRIES CHOOSE THEIR HOMES.

So I decided that I would give a special gift to my dear magical friend EDEN :- ) . . . her very own FAIRY GODMOTHER PAGE in the shop, where her fairies COULD birth out into the world.

She can do as she wishes.  She can tell me and I will use my own magic wand to make this page disappear as if it never was.  A SECRET just between me and she and the fairies.  She'll still receive the gift, there's one hidden in the story. :- )

Or, she may choose for me to come and take magical pictures of her precious girls, for let me tell you this . . . me and fairies and a camera ARE A MOST WICKEDLY MAGICAL COMBINATION!  And if she does choose this path, I will give this page TO HER FAIRY GODMOTHER FAIRIES, so when they're ready to announce themselves to the world, one by one or two by two or all at once . . . they can have their own little coming out parties here!  You can see them and adore them, as I ever do - each and every one. 

You can use our contact button at the bottom of the screen, and we'll forward any and all  messages you have for her, to her, with love.

Why, you could even ask  and we'll invite her to create you one of your very own!!!  If she does, I know it will be intuitively crafted and created in a beautiful dance where she allows the fairy herself - YOUR FAIRY GODMOTHER! - to guide what comes and the form she wishes to take.

She may even choose - if ever she wishes - to showcase all of her fairies right here . . . and the magic and miracles of doing so will bless her, and you, we and thee, in truly wondrous ways.  We will be sure every payment goes directly to her.  And just so you know, every fairy is shipped free of charge!  The fairies have specific intentions for how they are shipped, and so there is no shipping cost to you.

She has a shoppe of her own, but how can we say . . . it's not A MAGICAL PLACE for something as stupendously rare, unique, and ethereally presenced as FAIRIES!  So we have offered her fairies a beautiful, magical birthing space here.  Because if there is ANYTHING we are downright EXPERT at, here at Celestiava*Magic, it is this:  THE BIRTH OF MAGIC!

Yes, her fairies are GORGEOUS! I kid you not, they make your jaws drop.  AND THEY ARE BIG.  Larger than life, nearly.  Like I said . . . . FAIRY GODMOTHERS LIKE TO MAKE AN ENTRANCE, to be sure you SEE them and never miss a speck of magic coming your way.  But more than anything . . . her FAIRY GODMOTHERS are PURE MAGIC!  I think they're . . . part woolen fairy, and part real fairy.  Oh . . . you think I'm kidding? . . . I'm EVER NOT!!! 

I do know this much: THEIR MAGIC IS EVER REAL! :- )



For my birthday, 2018,

And on the eve of the Spring Equinox

Something quite unexpected and surprising took place.


With breathless wonder, I watched in awe and enchantment,

As my friend's fairies began to stir and awaken.

They asked me to let you know they are coming,

And will soon be right here!


In anticipation of their arrival, which appears to be coming akin to a beautiful, slow birth :- ), we wanted to let you know something about their magical home here and their very special, very rare listings.

Each FAIRY GODMOTHER holds a special story written on her heart, and we will endeavor to share that story with you.  In this way, you will be introduced to her from the inside out.  Along with pictures as is normal in a listing, you will hear a bit of her heart spoken in the words we use to bring her to the world's attention right here, in our magical and sacred shoppe space.

First and foremost, we would like for you to know up front what to expect.  These fairies are special, indeed.  And they themselves have chosen EXACTLY how they will be listed: which photographs to take and which to use for their listing; what price to offer them at; and what words are used to introduce them to you.

In their own words:

WE ask you to embrace the mystery and the magic we hold.  One way to do that is to not know or see everything in the first moment.  Sometimes we choose an ethereal picture of ourselves, or one that intentionally does not reveal a view from all sides.  For you see, there is nothing quite so enchanting to fairies than a happy surprise.  And sometimes, when you purchase one of us, your heart will be thrilled at something you discover when you first take us from our shipping nest.  Sometimes, secrets are revealed in this way - there might be something about us not disclosed in our listing BY DESIGN!  We ask you to trust us, and your heart - choose with care, listen to what whispers and calls to you from within, and then trust that if we come to you . . . WE WILL BE the most perfect choice of all!

As a reminder, please keep in mind that each of us is intended for a certain soul.  We hold a certain magic that is intended for one very special . . . "YOU".  So if you feel called to one of us, choose us with your heart and put us in your cart and checkout.  Just remember that WE have the final say about where we go, our home and family next to be.  WE are wise in this way, so trust that we will make the perfect choice.  And if by chance we choose not to come to you, perhaps it just means . . . the one that is TO BE YOURS . . . is not yet listed and is just about to be made.  (Refunds will obviously be immediately given.  And perhaps YOUR FAIRY will then be created, just for you!).

"It's no small truth that each of us is created for a very special, intended soul.  
WE honor the magic of our creation. 
And ask you to do the same!"


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