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The Dragon's Light Sacred Essences


Can you believe this?  Birthed in a most magical - potent - alchemical way . . . these ESSENCES have been in process for OVER 12 YEARS!  I kid you not.

I was shocked . . . when I was sent to gather something which was made over a decade ago.  Something I really had no idea - then or now - what it truly was.  Something tucked away for aeons, quite lliterally hidden from view - memory - sight. 

I then was engulfed by an emotion I cannot even describe, as the revealing - THE KNOWING - came.  What I was being called to make that day was . . . let's just say it . . . THE IMPOSSIBLE.  I'd been preparing for a creation for weeks.  Months, really.

Sometimes, these things take time.  It is as if the moon and stars and planets of every dimension must, in fact, be in perfect alignment as every breath of the creation takes form.  I know to trust this process.  The long delays.  The brooding stillness.  The unwillingness to move until it is JUST THE RIGHT MOMENT.

Well.  This was like that - and so much more.  When I realized what I had been already creating, my hands began shaking.  I wasn't afraid.  These were tremors, yes - but not of fear.  This was pure power. LITERALLY - what was coming into being, what was passing through my fingertips, was erupting in me.  In my very hands.  It was . . . not the first time.  But it was THE most powerful of its kind I have ever, ever, EVER experienced.

Now, here's the thing.  THE SEEDS OF THIS CREATION?  When it first came into being 12 years ago, neither I nor anyone else of human form involved in its birth . . . knew what it was.  I promise you - it was a big bold vessel of UNKNOWN.  We did it - each holding our part of the creation in sacred wonder, having no idea what was happening.

And then, the power of it was too great to be held anywhere except one space - in sacred  trust.  Kept secluded.  Safe.  Not easily noticed.  And there it has been for over a decade.

Why now?  Why has it risen to the flame of creation once more . . . . NOW?!


Has chosen to release its most precious gift - now - to all of us.
Are you ready?


DRAGON'S LIGHT ESSENCES are PURE ASCENSION LIGHT.  They pull no punches.  They don't pretend to support, to encourage, to sugar coat THE LIGHT BURSTING INTO FLAME BEFORE YOU.  No, they are confident - profound - and literally, COMPLETELY, unwilling to be drawn into FEAR.  You'd best be ready for these.  For they will take you into THE FLAME OF LIGHT that originated the very form of matter itself.

You cannot imagine how bold - how pure - how filled with DIVINE LIGHT these are.  Why have they come?  They reflect - in every sense of the word - and in the PUREST FREQUENCY EVER CREATED . . . THE PURE LIGHT which you hold at your center.  Now, I know - you've likely never seen it - touched it - felt it.  BUT IT IS THERE.

And let me tell you this:  IT IS JUST WAITING TO ERUPT IN YOU, like the flame of a dragon's heart.

Let me tell you about DRAGON.  She is not what you think.  Her heart is THE most tender thing ever created.  Also, the most powerful..  HER POWER comes from the purity of her love.  For dragons cannot feel fear.  IT IS THE ILLUSION.  And cannot be held in their forms, which can hold/embody/live - ONLY TRUTH.

Are you ready?  READY FOR THAT KIND OF COMMITMENT TO LIGHT - TO YOUR SOUL & ESSENCE - TO WHO YOU TRULY ARE?  If so, then these most precious, sacred of potions are just being born.  As a gift to the world that - well, it truly does change everything - BUT MOST OF ALL IT CHANGES YOU.

Right down to the very last sparkling dewdrop of Light from which you came.  When SHE is through with you . . . should you complete THE JOURNEY OF CELESTIAL ALCHEMY that is embodied in these DRAGON'S LIGHT ESSENCES and POTIONS OF LIGHT . . . you will be nothing BUT THAT.  Your own true - pure - profound . . . NON*NEGOTIABLE . . . FIRST SPARK OF LIGHT.

Is there anything more precious, more potent, more needed on the planet?  I THINK NOT!

Join me - if you dare.  Dragon's Light has been my home for 3 years now.  And I can tell you this - without a doubt, these are THE most potent and precious ESSENCES ever to take form on earth.  How do I know?  Because I KNOW DRAGON.

A Sacred Creature of LIght, she is nothing like she is pictured to be - nor what we are taught.  She is - rather - WHOLLY A CELESTIAL BEING.  One who exists between dimensions because our differentiation OF DIMENSIONALITY PROPERTIES IS . . . an illusion.  She knows this.  She lives this.  And she welcomes you to her world . . . if you, too, wish to live BEYOND THE ILLUSIONS OF THE MATERIAL REALM.

She is ready.  A tender, powerful teacher extraordinaire.

What is contained in these sacred, golden-hued bottles of LIGHT?

A potion so powerful, so enchanting, and so alchemical . . . that I can SAY NO MORE.  It's ASCENSION LIGHT born of the pure energy of soulful transformation.  Whatever that means to you - if you're ready . . . THE PORTAL OPENS  through each bottle of her precious presence . . . and you will be escorted into LIFE AS IT TRULY IS.

She is a gifted guide.  Teacher.  Friend.  MAGIC is all she knows.  AND MATTER BENDS TO HER WILL.  Need I say more?  This is PURE ALCHEMY IN A BOTTLE.  And then some.

Go slowly.  Respect her timing.  Move at the pace and command of LIGHT.

AND ALL WILL BE WELL.  In a most stunning display of light as it births through you.  Likely THE most sacred thing you have, or will ever, experience.  THESE ESSENCES are that good - that rare - that truly remarkable.

I share them with you here, now, today . . . with a glowing heart.  Are you ready . . . for THE GLOW?  It is, after all, the tell tale sign of DRAGON.  Even while asleep . . .she glows.

Do you?



*  *  *

Coming March 21, 2021 ! ! !

Ready for shipment to the precious few who are ready

To behold PURE LIGHT . . . within themselves.

And all they see.

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