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The Celestiava Oneness Essences Of Sacred Light

These Are Magical!  They are potent, too.

But more than anything, they are pure, undifferentiated frequencies of CREATION LIGHT.  They hold no elements of matter, save the purest water which carries their LIGHT.

Yet, they are frequencies which envelop within themselves the celestial frequencies of ONENESS - that from which all matter takes form.

The Celestiava Oneness Essences come like a breath of fresh air - specially guided into creation for those Beings who have chosen now to live on earth AS PURE LIGHT.  As who we all truly are.

These ESSENCES hold the very first frequencies of ONENESS ever to be available on earth in a "matrixed" form.  What does that mean?  It means this:  celestial frequencies of light that govern creation in all of its infinite forms . . . held within in a very special, exclusively created "wrapper" which allows those here choosing to move INTO LIGHT BEINGS here on earth . . . to more easily, gently and readily - and more completely - accept, absorb, and then process and integrate . . . these PUREST FREQUENCIES OF LIGHT.

You know who you are.  Those following a soulful destiny of Light.  Those whose souls have chosen to embrace the transformations of your being so that you can live here now as A BEING OF LIGHT.  Those whose essence is wholly dedicated to and following . . . the principles of LIGHT.  Of ONENESS.  Of PUREST LOVE.

Without fear.

These are for you.  Take each one as the rare and magical gift it is.  A Sacred Frequency of Light never available on earth.  One that you yourself can mirror and birth into - as your soul guides.

These are the most magical potions we have ever created.  THEY ARE A BIRTH OF LOVE.  THE PUREST LOVE - LIGHT as it always is in the center of oneness.  You'll see.  They are unlike anything humans can create.  THEY ARE PURE LIGHT.  And they are here, now, our gift to the world.


Now how magical is that?!?!?  The Birth of TRUE LOVE - PURE LIGHT - the energy which births all true life into form . . . while holding courageous love . . . that holds no fear.  A MIRACLE?  INDEED.  In every sense of the word!

We're stunned and excited to be offering these here to the world.  If you are A BEING OF LIGHT . . . you have a brand new gift waiting for you. Here.  Now.  Say YES. :- )  And watch the real magic of your purest, highest, and most soulful destiny of light . . . TRULY UNFOLD!

We're watching in awe our own.

What about you?

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