Come open your heart, ignite your path, live your bliss
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Spirit's Hand - Intuitively Chosen Gifts of The Heart

Let Spirit choose for you!
This is where you open your heart - and your life - to THE MAGIC of SURPRISE!
If you know you want something,
 But can't decide precisely what - or which one, this is for you.
If you know you NEED something new in your life, but don't know what, this is for you. 
If you want to choose THE PERFECT thing for someone special, but have no idea what that would be, this is for you - and for them!
Choose the amount, and we will choose for you,
Guided by Spirit's Hand. 
Intuitively chosen wonders of Light carry some very special, and truly powerful, magic. 
They answer a call you may not even be hearing yet, soothe a hole you perhaps did not realize was there,
Or open a doorway inside you in a playful and fun way. 
From our entire array of magical, soulful creations,
We will choose the one(s) that spirit, i.e. your essence, calls forth.
Beautifully wrapped, packaged with love and tender care,
And sent to you with an extra dose of magic. 
What could be more fun than
A SURPRISE you ignite yourself!
May the magic . . . BEGIN!

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