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Spirit Greeting Cards

Spirit Greeting Card

Ever searched to find truly SPIRIT*WISE cards that say what you really mean,
To convey what is truly in your heart, and to align what you most wish to say to touch someone you love? 
Our Spirit Greeting cards are inspired, spirit-infused cards of wisdom to guide our path, illuminate the darkness,
And celebrate the magic which all of life can hold.
These light-filled cards are digital, artisan works of the heart,
Which convey your deepest heart's touch, on very special wings, to those you love or care about.
The words are deep and magical, the artwork is precious and breathtaking . . .
And you feel blessed to have found a beautiful way to change another's life,
In a moment, for the better.
More come every month,
As inspiration moves and magic appears.
I have a private collection of these which will, in time,
All be offered here.

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