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Spirit Books

Spirit EBooks
Spirit Books are our very creative, powerfully illuminating, and incredibly motivating
DIGITAL CREATIONS (DOWNLOADS) of wisdoms and truths which ILLUMINATE the path for living our truest life.
They are designed to INSPIRE, to ENCOURAGE, and to OPEN YOUR HEART
To the truly magical life we all can choose to step into -
To create our most blissful path.
For this very special time, we are offering our Spirit*Wise WEE books here.
I call them WEE books, because they are smaller
- Though not necessarily less PITHY :- ) -
Than our regular e-books.
While reading one of my other creations,
A friend said that she found the first chapter so DEEP,
That she found herself just reading the wisdom that chapter held over and over again.
She suggested I break them up into smaller components to teach in an upcoming class,
And thus, our WEE books were born.
Most are a single chapter in a longer, deeper work that will one day be offered.
For now, this is the part that wishes to come forth,
And so each of these are WEE books.
They have less images and artsy layouts,
They are simple and yet profound.
Some feel like a conversation,
Some feel like a discovery,
Some feel like a teaching.
All are born of a moment with spirit,
And a powerful new way of living in and seeing this world.
They are thought-invoking, inspiring, and beautifully illuminative.
Choose One - and let the journey begin!
We have dozens and dozens of these to share.
More and more are added each week.
Perhaps what is written today .  .  .
They arrive on the wings of magic.
I don't try to write these.
They just come.
They flow.
They ask to be created in a certain way,
And I listen - and honor them - when they come.
Now they've asked to be shared with you . . .
May they touch your heart in some way.
I know they ever do mine
When they come!

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