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Soul*Scapes Of Light

Something came.

It happened all on its own.  It showed me the way.


These Soul*Scapes are dear to my heart.

They came forth, somehow, from inside me - unbidden, unplanned -

And most miraculously perhaps, without me having a clue of how to do it.


These are intuitive, many-layered, spirit-revealed . . .

Digital art creations which hold deeply imbedded messages and gifts.


Each one is created for a special soul.

Someone, perhaps like you, who has a journey before them

That this image will guide you to and through, or be a most important part of it.

An ELEMENT of a journey or creation you may not yet even know is happening.


They are rich, wholly intuitively created - and they speak to the soul.

Use them for websites, publications, business cards, and your own special creations.


Each is an original.  Just like you.

Just like this very next moment.



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