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"SHATTERED" came in a very special way. 

It was as if THE CATEGORY ITSELF wanted to hold A SACRED ENERGY OF LIGHT unlike anything we have yet touched or created here in our shoppe.  SHE IS POWERFUL.  SHE HOLDS GREAT ALCHEMY.  And most important of all . . . SHE INVITES YOU TO ENTER HER SPECIAL, SACRED SPACE.  You will TRANSFORM.  You will BE TOUCHED.  You will shed that which weighs you down and keeps you stuck on a path that seems to have given you something TOO MUCH TO BEAR.

This special collection of SACRED CONNECTIONS offers you some very potent and very deep CONNECTIONS OF THE HEART.  Soulful Ones, yes.  From The Heart of Oneness, yes.  All of our connections, and all of our creations, come forth from that same place.

BUT THESE?  These are for those very special times when it feels as if . . . YOU CANNOT GO ON.  They come forth for the time and place when YOUR LIFE simply has dealt you such a blow of immense proportions - whether individual or global, physical or emotional, family or work - whatever it is . . . IT HAS ROCKED YOU and YOUR WORLD.  And for some reason, you just can't set things back right - they're still off their axis - and so too, are you.

These times are powerful - however they are born and whatever energy brings them right to our doorstep.  WE step into them because we quite frankly have no choice.  There is nowhere to run and no place to hide - THEY TAKE US.  Unwilling perhaps, but our surrender was not asked.  WE WERE TAKEN into a vortex of pain, emotion, and sorrow - GRIEF, if you will, OF UNCOMMON KIND and PROPORTION.  And we can't seem to find our way out.

It is A SACRED TIME.  And YOUR SOUL is the sovereign energy dictating how things can transform from here.  These CONNECTIONS, each and every one, hold a special energy of both CREATION and KNOWING.  Something YOUR ESSENCE will bring to the surface, rising up from the depths of pain and sorrow, grief and ash within you . . . TO GUIDE YOU FORWARD.  To return to your own true wholeness.  To find your own highest path out of this vast darkness.  TO EMBRACE . . . BEING . . . ALIVE.  Once more.

IT is time for a special connection if you feel there is nothing you can do - no way to go on - or have not yet found a way inside yourself to MAKE PEACE with what has come and let it move you forward in the highest way possible.

We are here.  These CONNECTIONS are soulfully created . . . just for you.  For when THOSE TIMES Of DARKNESS befall.

This is not the end.  Nor is it the final say on how your life can be - or cannot be - going forward.  All of that is up to YOUR ESSENCE.  Let her whisper your highest and deepest truths about this time to you, from our connection with her.  And BE BLESSED!

You will likely then feel compelled to take a deep, long breath.  Look behind you at what has come.  And then turn your attention forward, YOUR SOUL'S whisper ringing in your ears - guiding you forward into the light of possibility and potentiality - once more.  THE LIGHT AWAITS.  Are you ready?  To leave THE DARKNESS and move through its shadows on your way to . . . A BRILLIANT ILLUMINATION from WITHIN?

We believe you are.  And we will bring forth the connection to guide that journey forward for you.  Let's begin.  There's no need to spend another moment in THE DARKNESS.  You've given her enough of YOUR TIME - YOUR ENERGY - YOUR PRESENCE.  Now give something MORE TRUE to yourself.  THE LIGHT!

Which connection listing is the one for you?  Whichever one you feel drawn to.  IF an IMAGE beckons - it's that one.  If a particular writing or description shimmers - take that one.  These are gathered here because they particularly focus on TIMES OF DEEP DARKNESS in our lives.  They are for those events when we cannot see our way back into The Light of Living. 

But any of our connections may sparkle for you - so also check the "SPIRIT*TALK CONNECTIONS" category here and our "A TIME OF POWER" CONNECTIONS category here.  There are several ILLUMINATING connections available there as well . . . for times like these!


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