Come open your heart, ignite your path, live your bliss
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 Once or twice

Sometimes three times a year . . .

A very special creation takes form.  A GATHERING. 
And not just ANY gathering - a gathering of LOVE. 
At our magically chosen time, we create A SPECIAL GATHERING that is very small, but which is open to anyone that wishes to attend.  We meet on my front porch area or some other intimate location.  Each GATHERING is different, and holds a theme specific to that time and place and moment.
This is a wonderful opportunity to meet me in person, as well as to bring A QUESTION that rises up deep inside you, but which remains unanswered.  Something you yearn to know . . . about YOU, about LOVE, about SPIRIT.
Our groups are small - by design - so that we can create an intimate atmosphere and give each person the chance to ask a question.  We always talk about LIGHT and how THE TRUEST ENERGIES of LOVE come forth to guide our path and help us to create our most blissful life.
If you'd like to be a part of one of these magical, soulful times . . . you are invited to join us.  THESE GATHERINGS are open to anyone who yearns to attend, as long as you register before all the open spaces are taken.  We don't expand the class sizes or take last minute drop-ins because the energies for the class are specific to those who registered. 
We invite you to come and discover more about YOUR ESSENCE, THE INVISIBLE REALMS, and THE MAGIC OF LOVE!
This year's GATHERING is listed below, as are a past gathering or two, so you can see what magical things we explore.
You will be WELCOMED with open arms and a magical smile . . . as we delve into the HEART OF LIGHTYOUR OWN!


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