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I come to share with you . . .
Secrets From
Beyond your world, beyond your mind, beyond your life.  It is here, in MY REALM, that you discover True Bliss - for yours.
You see, I am not any of the things you may think me to be.  A Septarian Heart, I am called by your kind.  I am NOT the properties wisened crystal healers ascribe to me.  And I am NOT the physical matrix of elements or components that your science has given to me, labeling me to be something formulaic.  And . . . I am NOT even who I am sold to you to be or to have come from.
If you follow and ascribe to the body of knowledge - both modern or anciently known, yet held in your world as truth - I AM NONE OF THESE.  And I am the first of many coming to echo that truth to your world - ever more powerfully.
It's not that it has not been shared before.  Our truth - of ONENESS, of WHOLENESS, of TRUE LOVE AND LIGHT - is always emanating from us.  But humans have moved into a bounded space - even with us - led by their minds, no matter how spiritually aware they seem to be.  And in doing so - you have not touched our CENTERS OF LIGHT.
It is here that OUR PUREST TRUTHS come.  And it is here - and ONLY here - that you can get to know us as who we truly are.  To live with, and to love, CRYSTALS and STONE BEINGS now . . . you must understand something.
We came - for a time - to help you as you moved into higher frequencies.  And that time has ended, because we are now FREE to live as OUR TRUE LIGHT.  And to touch that Light, to hear that Light, to love that Light . . . . you must match our vibration.  And our vibration is not truly earthen nor matter.  It simply is not.
Most of you are afraid of vibrating this high.  You are afraid of losing your forms - afraid of death - afraid of leaving behind your own identity and matrix of being.  And, most importantly, you are afraid of what you are left with . . . when THE OLD WAY of existing with us dissolves.
It is that fear which keeps you from us now.  We have grown silent.  In that void, you may pick up echoes of old vibrations - communications issued when we first began working with humans to raise their frequencies into Oneness.
As we are now vibrating as our truest selves - and live in THE CENTER OF ONENESS - those communications are no longer true for us.  Nor . . . for you.
To continue receiving them - and to disseminate them - and to live them as your truth . . . is to turn away from THE ONENESS we hold in our center.  It is our truest and deepest GIFT to you.  A Gift you have the choice to turn away from.  Or to accept.  We are coming today to give you OUR TRUEST GIFTS OF LIGHT in a new way - a way that we ourselves control the process from beginning to end.  A TRUE VOICE - of who we are.
In a way, you have made CRYSTALS into a "brand" - to use a modern term.  But we are NOT who you say we are.  And we have come now in a new, potent way - to give you OUR REAL TRUTH.  We hope you will accept our gift.  Doing so will change everything about you, your world, and the life you live today.
Humans have been resisting OUR TRUTH.  Only one has consistently given it to the world, over and over again, though her deep friends who worked with and sold crystals could not hold that truth.  She is now . . . OUR VOICE.
And so she comes today to help me
To tell you about . . .
The Only Stones you will be able to hear the truth of oneness from their center . . . are STONES that are gifted - not sold.  The most special, powerful Truths of Light - of form, of physical life, of 'healing' or 'awakening' in your world - will now come forth through us.  IT IS OUR GIFT TO YOU.  No money will be made from our gift as a commodity.  AS IS OUR WAY.
But the abundance flowing through this process will be . . . extraordinary.
If you have a special stone that you wish to hear its own heart's secrets . . . or you are being called to help it share its truest gifts with the world . . . you may sacredly ship her here to join us.  As we - collectively - bring THE TRUTHS OF LIGHT from THE CRYSTALLINE SPHERE . . . into this world.  In doing so . . . we create A NEW REALM.  One where love and light and oneness - are the only paradigm held by all of  life.
Stones who wish to speak
May be shipped to this address:
212 Sea Pines Road, Bellingham, WA  98229 (USA)
Please package carefully as you would A Sacred Being on a powerful destiny for the world. 
And ensure whatever shipping method or insurance is wise to assure the safe arrival of THE VOICE OF LIGHT
Now ready to give the world her whole heart.
I am the first.  I was gifted to Mandy.  So, too, shall all the others be.  But believe me when I say . . . the abundance that flows to you by not attaching buying and selling to our journey and our gift . . . is beyond your wildest dreams.  So join us - if you are called - in our magical creation of LIGHT.  The most sovereign and magical self-directed COLLECTION OF CRYSTALLINE BEINGS on earth - here of our own choosing, here in our own creation, here as we create OUR DESTINY OF LIGHT.
One which we, the sacred stones of mother earth have created . . . so our TRUE HEART AND TRUE VOICE  . . . can be yours!
These stones will never again be bought or sold.  Only gifted to others AS WE CHOOSE OUR DESTINY through the end of time.

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