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Sacred Awakenings

How do you explain something
That another has not yet experienced? 
To describe the magic, the mystery, and the pure wisdom
These classes hold and invoke within us is  . . . not easy. 
These are not ordinary classes.
In fact, I don't think of them as classes at all.
They are . . . in truth . . . so much more.


I think to fathom what is truly held within our WINGS OF LIGHT CLASSES is impossible until you take one.  Yet, an introduction - simple though it might be - seems to be the place to begin.

You see, our classes were originally thought of as . . . JOURNEYS.  As you know, I have a thing about the word "teaching" :- ), and so the word classes is not really my preference.  It is what most people understand . . . but they really are more about A SPIRITUAL JOURNEY.  Yet, even the word JOURNEYS doesn't quite fit the bill.  Why?

Well, you see, it is quite possible to take "a journey" and to return home unchanged.  To go and see and do - yet to remain untouched by all that was there, given or present or encountered, along the way.  It's not easy to do - but it is possible.  When you get home, you're the same as you were before you left.  Any impacts were, at most, transitory.  Temporary.  Not enduring.

However, our "classes" are all about THE ENERGIES and VIBRATIONAL FREQUENCIES of life . . . elevating our own expression of light.  In this way, you cannot pass through them and get to the other side and be unchanged.  It is not possible.  The energies are present and they weave their power and their wisdom into your life . . . deeply beneath the surface, even if your conscious self does not notice, acknowledge, or perhaps embrace them.

And so, the REAL GIFT hidden within each of our classes is this:  they are potent, powerful, and profound . . . AWAKENINGS.  Our bouquet of classes are really AWAKENINGS of light, of love, of spirit, of truth - YOU "awakening"  into higher frequencies and deeper truths that resonate to, and with, your highest essence. 

These classes create within you the doorway for extraordinary expansions that change you, change your world, change your life.  The thing is this:  the frequencies offered here are life-changing.  They raise your vibration, open your mind and expand your heart into new realms of living, knowing, and understanding. 

A class seems to be about knowledge.  Our classes are about so much more.  They hold the awakening spirit of every soul on the planet.  Energies of expansion and oneness ready to seed and take root in your life, moving you forward into your truest self.

We're ready.  When you are.  Transformation begins with a single step.  And here, it begins with your first breath after signing up for one of our AWAKENING CLASSES.  The energies of light, the higher frequencies of love, the vibrational elements of your physical form . . . all begin to coalesce together for a new creation.  A NEW YOU.

If you're ready for that . . . we're here!

Choose a class based on your passion, your challenge, your yearning.  CHOOSE THE AWAKENING you are drawn to, the one that calls to you.  You will be EVER so glad you did!  Is there really any reason to wait?  To delay becoming more of . . . THE TRUE YOU?  To hold back ALL THE LIGHT AND LOVE AND WISDOM your essence is just waiting to reveal to the world?  I think not!

 You may think of this as a class and me as the teacher.  You may see this as a journey and me as your guide.  But I promise you this . . . it is a much more magical thing.  I have lived this wisdom for quite a long time.  I'm here to mentor THE SACRED AWAKENING your soul yearns to enact . . . in the most magical of ways.  Let's begin!

Our SACRED AWAKENINGS classes are available in the drop down menu across the top under "WINGS OF LIGHT CLASSES".  While taking our classes - and, for some, even before you settle on one! - the flow of Light into your life is extraordinary.  Magical.  Soulful and transformative.  This is what you want, but there may be times - at the beginning, middle or even the end - when you're not quite certain about the next step.  If you find that to be your experience, now or in the future as you grow and expand with us, we created a way to ensure you do not get stuck.

Below you will find 4 different "CONTINUE THE AWAKENING" listings to encourage you in those times when you stumble or feel lost.  All parts of this awakening journey for you is sacred.  Never fear, the way forward will become clear.  And if, at any point, you choose DEEPER ILLUMINATION to assist you in hearing and seeing and knowing where you are, and why, and the next step . . . then choose one of these listings below.

They are designed specifically for those who are taking our classes, using our sacred essences, and inviting in all the higher frequencies which our shoppe here makes available to you.  You are not alone.  When you think you've lost your way or are simply confused and uncertain of where the path and your awakening is guiding you next . . . just ask.  The listings below will bring you what you most need to know, to see, to hear.  Always.  I promise.

How can I know that?  Because they were created simply for those of you who may want or need them down the road. ;- )  See?  HERE WHEN YOU NEED THEM.  Always!



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