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Sacred Art

Well.  Sometimes the impossible takes hold.
And when it does, life takes a most
When we move in the flow of spirit, unbidden and unseen, with pure trust- and belief in the magic of the heart - impossible things DO happen.
From the hands of someone never working in the art medium - AT ALL! -someone for whom, as a child, a stick-figure was an embarrassing creation. . . these have come.Someone who knows not how to draw - or paint - or even hold a brush. Yet - STILL - SACRED ART has come. Moving through me and out my fingers, It is something that really gives you pause. If  you  don't know how to do it or anything about it, where is it coming from???
Sacred Art is what comes through me, in just such a way.
These creations are innocent, yet powerful. 
They are without technique, yet wholly guided by my soul - or another's. 
They carry a hidden and unseen frequency of LIGHT that changes everything.
Oh, they are magical.  YES, INDEED !  From their birth to the moment they arrive into your hands, they are all about MAGIC. 
LOVE . . . with its power to transform, to align, to return us joyously back into wholeness - weaves its universal matrix through these pieces and their presence into all blessed to have one.  ENJOY their meaning, their energy.  And most importantly, their POWERFUL MAGIC to transform you and your life.  Into all you hope to be true. 
The image you see below . . . is the painting. The picture was taken of the painting canvas as it sat in the windowsill of my studio, which is why you see trees and leaves through the window.  I thought they made a lovely border for the picture.
Unbeknownst to me as I was painting,
This was a soul print of two beautiful, light-filled souls
Just about to begin their journey to earth.
At first, I had no idea what they were . . .
They feel like FAIRY BABIES
But they are the inspired, sacredly transported energy of two very high Light Babies who are about to enter Earth's realm. Sacred.  Divine.  Precious.  Pure. AND PLAYFUL!  I heard giggles the entire time I was painting. They are very special to my heart.
And so I chose them to show you just a glimmer and a glimpse of our very first. . . SACRED ART. A Child's Blueprint of their energy and presence is a very beautiful, tender, and sacred thing. This image hangs over their cradles, awaiting their arrival.At their insistence,I made two other versions, what we call me applying my MAGIC - digitally. One of these is the image at the top of this page, the other is below here at the end.  These two sacred little souls were all about THE LIGHT, THE SPARKLES, THE SHIMMER. As I think you can surely tell :- ). They really loved the MAGIC of the image below.
Below you will find listed just a few of our SACRED ART CREATIONS.
These hold frequencies of the energies of creation designed to ignite
This collection reflects all types of sacred art. Whatever flows through and wishes to Take Form, guided as it is, from a higher realm. Included here, also, are some MANDALAIS, which do have their own category in their raw, as they come, form. The mandalais you find here in our SACRED ART COLLECTION have been further transformed by the sparkles and light of graphic magic, our version of fairy dust, as it were. 
Because they are embellished, or as they might say, EXPANDED . . . we include them here. Most are available in several variations, reflecting the differing and subtle energies of their creation as it unfolded. Just CHOOSE the one - or ones! - you are most drawn to. THEY will hold the perfect energies for you.  We have a lot of these, and they come to THE SHOP when they are ready to go out into the world.
If purchasing a digital file, you will receive a high-quality digital jpeg or png file at its original resolution.  The image we took for the shop listings are just our own quick shots.  Immediate download will be available soon.  Use on your computer, phone, or print out yourself to keep nearby. They can be framed, used on blogs or websites, anywhere that you wish to bless with their light and magic.  And if you prefer to order a print that we ship to you, just contact us for pricing, etc.   These all hold
The most precious
In a word . . .
As always, these are custom artistic creations.
Honor us, the creation and yourself by respecting it.
Use only for high vibrational purposes and do not make any changes to The Original Image.
For commercial project use, please contact us.
For these artistic creations

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