Come open your heart, ignite your path, live your bliss
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These rare, special, and potent classes are . . . TRULY . . . once-in-a-lifetime gifts.  You'll likely only take ONE of THE THREE OFFERED (though you are, of course, welcome to experience them all).  You'll likely NEVER TAKE ANOTHER CLASS AGAIN, of any kind, once you do.  You'll likely . . . look back on this year and this class as the holiest, deepest, and most awe-inspiring thing you have ever done.  And I mean that with all of my heart.

You see, this family of our magical classes brings THE DISCOVERIES OF LIGHT from our SPELLBOUND CLASSES and reveals the path for holding and embracing THE TRUE MAGIC of your soul.  The Gifts of Light are activated by YOUR ESSENCE  and bring you into a deep alignment with - an especially touching and potent - connection with THE TRUE LIGHT OF your deepest and truest essence.

Each of these classes is TRANSFORMATIONAL.  And beyond.  They are alchemy of the highest form, initiated simply through YOUR PRESENCE, INTEGRATION, and EMBRACE of the journey they present to you.

They are unlike anything ever presented on earth before.  Each class is a LIFETIME of LIGHT,  presented in a very creative and magical way, BY A VERY POWERFUL SOUL.  The journey they take you on is unique - rare - and impossible to know at the beginning.  You just trust, as the petals of light within your own heart begin unfurling in silent, majestic wonder.

THESE ARE SOULS OF LIGHT CLASSES.  You take these when you are DEVOTED to the LIGHT OF YOUR SOUL.  Being it - living it - and, perhaps most importantly, EXPANDING INTO ITS SACRED PRESENCE in a most infinite way.

Yes, you will be changed.  That is EVER THE POINT.  And life - to you - will never again look the same.

If you take but one of these classes - life itself will ring with a new frequency of light all around you.  And you will feel whole * home * complete.  THE POTENTIAL IS HERE, held for each of us, deep in our centers.  You can do this on your own - of course you can!  But these special souls came into my life almost two decades ago and dropped - LIKE A STORK! - these magnificent, powerful gifts of LIGHT into my life.

They changed me - completely.   They transformed me - in every way.  They presented to me the gifts, wisdoms, and pathway for living IN A NEW REALM.  And now, I do.

Feel free to join me, if you, too, are ready to live here - on earth - as WHO YOU TRULY ARE . . . AND ONLY THAT!  As . . . PURE LIGHT.

The prices?  Yes, let's talk about that.  They represent vibrational frequencies and are chosen by the BEING who gave the gift of that class.  If you understand frequencies and vibrational energies, then you know why the prices were chosen and what they mean.  But if you don't . . .here's all you need to know:  IF YOU YEARN TO TAKE ONE OF THESE CLASSES . . . when you are ready and the time is right for your soul . . . then the funds will appear just as you need them.  Is it magic?  I think of it as . . . PERFECTION! ;- )

BUT THERE IS SOMETHING MORE TO THINK ABOUT HERE.  These are classes unlike anything you've ever taken before.  THEY WILL TURN OUT TO BE . . . the last ones you will ever take.  Beings of high light do not need training or college or skill teachings as our society has become attached to. ALL YOU WILL EVER TRULY NEED, you will have - INSIDE OF YOU . . . when you have completed one of these PURE MAGIC * BEWITCHING LEVEL classes.  You won't need a degree in anything - ever.  ONLY WHAT YOU HOLD INSIDE.  In truth - that's all you need now. 

By the time you complete one of these very special classes . . . you will know that for yourself.  And will have MADE CONTACT with the only true higher education that exists.  INSIDE OF YOURSELF.  And that will take you everywhere you truly need to go.  You'll see.  "COLLEGE and SKILL TRAINING and HIGHER EDUCATIONAL DEGREES are a thing of the past for souls of light."  They are not only unnecessary . . . they just get in the way, slow down the process of living your dream and muck up the clear channels within you.  Sound like heresy?  It's not.  IT IS THE WAY OF PURE LIGHT.  Are you in???


We're ready - and waiting for you - when you are ready and it is time.  THE GIFTS these classes hold cannot be spoken of.  They are utterly . . . heart*changing.  In the very best, and deepest, of ways.   You'll see.

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