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That's what comes to  mind

When one of our SACRED POTIONS is birthing.


We have an amazing process of creation when our sacred soul essences are birthing.  Sometimes they come in a flurry - and quite often - their process envelops, quite literally, years.

Once created, some wait and gestate, A SECRET NOT YET REVEALED.  They do not choose to go out into the world and they await some inner knowing of a special, magical moment when it is time for them to BE REVEALED.  When . . . perhaps . . .your own heart is ready for them.

And sometimes, they feel as if they may never - quite literally - see the light of day.  Their precious light and tender song known only to me, here in my sacred space - their home - my studio of light, seemingly forever - and so it may be.

I have come to not just trust - BUT TO WORSHIP - the process these sacred, magical creations unfold.  Each one knows its own path.  Each one opens the doorway to itself when it chooses and knows it is time.  They have a sense - A KNOWING - of divine timing and the perfection of creation that goes so far beyond what humans usually experience.  It is, to me, A HOLY and SACRED THING.

Here in our ON THE HORIZON section, you will find THE UNVEILING for our POTIONS preparing soon to reveal their SACRED SOUL gifts to you - to be made known, to be revealed, and to quite soon be available to the world for the very first time.  Think of it a bit like AN ADVANCE BIRTH ANNOUNCEMENT.  They are coming - they are almost ready - and they are choosing to give you a heads up that their magical process is almost ready to REVEAL THEIR LIGHT for all those who wish to be touched by its magic and power.

You can purchase them at any time and, when birthed, you will receive THE VERY FIRST ONES shipped.  This creates a  magical, deep, and abiding CONNECTION between you and the essence itself as it begins reaching its divine light out into the world.  If you choose to be one of the first for any particular essence, you will be blessed in a very special way.  For these REVEALINGS truly are births.  BIRTHS OF LIGHT.  And they come, and happen, in some very rare and sacred ways.  If you wish to be a part of that as TA PARTICULAR ESSENCE BIRTHS INTO THE WORLD . . . you may.  Just choose from the options given in the drop-down menu for each essence..

And then . . . await . . . THE MAGIC!  For it comes soon as these wondrous beauties prepare to make their inaugural journey out into the world.  You can be one of THE CHOSEN ONES.  The ones who choose to be a part of these sacred births.


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