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On The Eve

We believe . . . in YOU.  The Magic Of Your Soul is what we see.  And The Power Of Your Essence is who you truly are.

Is THAT how you think of yourself?  I DO HOPE SO!  For it is only within that very space that all of your own inner gifts, precious abilities, and most potent destinies can be honored.

If this doesn't QUITE sound . . . EXACTLY LIKE YOU . . . as you think of yourself to be, then A MAGICAL OPENING has just arrived.  A place, and a space, where you can take a beautiful and magical journey - at your own speed and choosing - that will UNVEIL and REVEAL to you this one most sacred thing:  YOUR OWN TRUE INNER MAGIC!

What is "magic"?  And does every body have it - or only a chosen few?  And is it something YOU even want or need?

To me, I have come to think of magic as this:  "LOVE moving through UNSEEN".  Pure love is THE most potent energy and power in the universe.  IT is a field of light humans rarely touch - much less HOLD.  But it is the single most powerful creation energy in all of the universe.


When you tap into this flowing presence, which is available to all of us deep in the center of our soul, you begin to unfurl your wings and reveal blessings, gifts and power you never knew was there - and MOST SURELY never thought of as your own.

To make this journey simple - and ever so easy to begin - we are delighted to have created a special new GIFT for 2020.  It's for you!  All you have to do is "come".  Just click on a link below and allow gift after gift to flow into you, deep into your being.  It's FUN.  It's MAGICAL.  And it will TRANSFORM all of you - and your life! - if you let it.

What do you do?  BECOME . . . THE VESSEL.  The vessel to receive all the gifts, wisdom, and magic embedded in our whole new body of magical videos.  THEY ARE FREE - and here for the taking.  You may download and watch at your leisure, or click and watch online.  To be sure, they are fun.  But they are also A MAGICAL  JOURNEY into something truly profound:  YOU. 

Magical Woman

YOUR  MAGIC * Is Awakening! 


Your LOVE is ready

To take its rightful place in your life

And transform you . . . From The Inside Out.


(You are a lot like AN OREO COOKIE - the very best part is in THE CENTER!)


THERE is nothing - NOTHING! - more magical than the power of your inner essence.  If you are ready to reveal that to yourself . . . let's begin.  Just choose a video below and allow  yourself to be swept away into a beautiful, magical and powerful ocean of light.  IT WILL transform you.  And you will be ever so glad . . . you came.

One last thing.  These videos are OUR GIFT to the world for 2020.  Once they are all complete and offered here, you will find that everything they awaken inside of you leads you to discover this one simple truth of light:  EVERY SINGLE THING YOU NEED . . . lies WITHIN YOU.  And therein lies your ultimate power to create your very best and very truest life.

These are a PRELUDE.  They will prepare you to reveal, unleash, and to own . . . YOUR OWN INNER POWER OF LIGHT.  OF LOVE.  And when you do?  Then you will be ready for our next body of gifts:  THE SECRETS OF LIGHT.  They are coming soon and will all be available by 2021. 

But first things first!  Let's prepare THE GARDEN OF YOUR LIFE . . . to receive a whole new presence of YOUR SOUL'S DEEPEST LIGHT!  It is here that bliss and blessings, abundance and awareness, alchemy and transformation all lie.  And what do they bring?  OUR TRUEST and BEST LIFE!  It's all waiting for you - you just have to OWN THE LIGHT WITHIN YOU in a deeper and truer way . . . to bring forth all the miracles that are yours TO LIVE.  TO BE.  AND TO GIVE!

So if you're ready TO TRULY LIVE as all of who YOU CAME TO BE . . . the gifts offered below will take you on a magical journey that ultimately reveals your inner power.  You control every thing about this journey - how fast to go, when to begin, how deep to dive, and what magical parts of your being to explore.  That power belongs to you - and we have created the perfect pathway for you to unveil . . . your own deepest light.

Once you have stepped into that . . . YOUR LIFE will become one magical river of bliss.

Who knew?!??!




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