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"My Diamond Light" SACRED ESSENCES

Well, they are here.  And I AM STUNNED.

Just as the DRAGON'S LIGHT (aka ASCENSION LIGHT) ESSENCES were coming to be . . . something else began to whisper.  To purrrr.  To hum.  To make subtle movements and sounds indicating . . . A PRESENCE.  SOMETHING NEW.  COMING.

It came to be these:  "My Diamond Light" ESSENCES.

What are these?  OH, I can hardly say.  Really.  I CAN BARELY SPEAK ABOUT THEM, as they are THAT DEAR - THAT PRIVATE - THAT . . . well, HOLY, is the only word that I can come up  with . . . to me

Every single essence I create is personal.  My Own.  A Child of sacred proportions and Light, whose divine destiny is my own small gift to give to the world and those who are SEEKING THE LIGHT within.

Yet, these are - somehow - different.  MORE, even.  Why?  How?  I truly don't know that I know, or if I do, that I can express it in terms a human mind could hold.  So let's just say this (knowing it isn't the full story or explanation or description - but we aren't going there, so . . . this will just have to do!):

THESE ARE MY OWN PRIVATE COLLECTION of LIGHT POTIONS.  They are sacred . . . beyond your knowing of the meaning of that word.  They are alchemical . ..  in ways that defy what our human minds think to be possible.  And they are . . . EXTRAORDINARY.  How so?  THEY ARE THE MOST POTENT THING I have ever . . . seen * made * beheld.  And that is saying quite a lot, because in my world . . . what others see as mind-defying and extraordinary is quite ordinary to me.  THESE ARE SO MUCH MORE than you can know - than I can express - than can be spoken of.  But they can be experienced - wisely.  If you are open and your heart is calling to you to hear these essences beckoning, holy mother of celestial light - then IT IS TIME for you to open some truly EXTRAORDINARY GATEWAYS inside of yourself.

These ESSENCES are all about YOU - THE INNER ESSENCE OF YOUR OWN BEING.  YOUR MOST SACRED LIGHT.  They defy thought - logic - human understanding.  In short - they reflect the alchemy of the soul:  its wisdoms, its truths, and  something even more precious:  ITS PRESENCE.

I can only say this:  YOU WILL NEVER, EVER BE THE SAME AGAIN . . . once you open your heart to one of these.  They are rare.  They are precious.  And they are powerful beyond anything you can imagine.

Use gently.  Discover their beauty and purpose wisely.  AND BE . . . PURE LIGHT!

With my deepest blessings and knowings of Light,

These are MY SIGNATURE FREQUENCY ESSENCES and POTIONS OF LIGHT.  They are PURE POTIONS of SACRED LIGHT.  More powerful than you think could be possible.  Are you ready to live in THE NEW REALM?  These are that path.

Blessed Be!


(The World as we know it . . . will never again be the same.  )


COMING 12/21/2016

In a rare offering for us,

You may pre-order once they are listed and appear below.

They will be shipped to you once their birth is complete.


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