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Well.  Sometimes the impossible takes hold.  I've said it before, I KNOW! :- )

MANDALAIS are the manifestation of just such a thing.  When we move in the flow of spirit, unbidden and unseen, with pure trust - and belief in the magic of the heart - impossible things DO happen.

Mandalais came about in such a way.   From the hands of someone never working in the art medium - at all, someone for whom as a child a stick-figure was an embarrassing creation . . . these have come.

They are innocent, yet powerful.  They are without technique, yet wholly guided by my soul.  They carry a hidden and unseen frequency of LIGHT that changes everything.


Oh, they are magical.  YES, INDEED ! 

From their birth to the moment they arrive into your hands, they are all about MAGIC.  LOVE - and its power of transformation, alignment and returns to wholeness (wellness) - weaves its universal matrix through their presence into all blessed to have one.

ENJOY their meaning, their energy.  And most importantly, their POWERFUL MAGIC to transform you and your life.  Into all you hope to be true.


Mandalais - what are they?  They're a variation of the word mandalas, given to me by the creation itself.  The word itself means Mandy's Light.

And these creations are EVER completely that.  My Soul is the artist - my human self doesn't know how.  And that seems to be the point!

Mandalais come in THREE forms (so far!). 

Sacred Wooden Portals
(Moonglow Mandalais)
Painted Canvas Mandalais
Painted & / or Colored Art Pages to Frame
And now a fourth ! ! !
Baby Woollies
Mandalais Soul Prints Of Light For Wee Ones




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