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Something very special happened.  It was . . . A SURPRISE.  It took me and my seemingly ordinary life and turned it upside down and inside out.  Then, it gave me a gift.  A GIFT UNLIKE ANY OTHER.

21 years in the making - I kid you not! - the very buds of a new life and soul purpose began to take form.  Yes, it was magical.  Yes, it was truly ethereal.  And yes, it was soulful beyond anything I had ever imagined.

I was doing something very simple one day, and here came a shimmer - an opening from spirit to . . . FOLLOW.  I hesitated, just for a moment - not out of fear, but because I sensed something lurking beneath the surface.  Something potent.  Something profound.  Something a bit like the genie in the bottle.  Something which, once begun, could never be undone.

I was asked by a friend to help teach a class with her.  Why not just teach it by yourself, I asked.  Yet even though I WAS hesitant, much as I did not want to do it, I could hear the message inside me, inside my heart.  "SAY YES."  I didn't - not at first - and not right away.  I knew I would - I cannot NOT listen to spirit.  My soul simply will not allow it.  But . . . I took my time.  It was not something I wanted to do.  It was not something I yearned to do.  It was not something I cared to do.  It became - quite honestly - something I HAD TO DO.  Because my soul implored of me to . . . say yes.

I did, and we began the class.  It was a short endeavor, if you see things in human or physical terms.  The class itself took a very unexpected turn.  But very early on in the class, I was flooded with creations for it.  My friend deemed many of them to be too powerful, too much too soon too fast, and so they were held back - and within a quarter, I was physically gone from the class.  (Not to worry - I stayed to continue teaching the class with my friend, just in a MOST MAGICAL WAY!)  I love her still.

But before I left, my soul made sure I began creating a whole blossoming bouquet of "class" gifts.  Videos, of all things.  I did not have the right equipment, seemingly, to do it well.  I had no idea what I was doing or how.  But I dove in, created as I was led to do, and offered them all up into the class - some made it in, most did not.

Early on, it was clear, I would need at least slightly better computer equipment and program software to do what was being asked of me.  I took the plunge - or the leap - and purchased new tools.  And because spirit has such a sense of humor, no sooner did I plunk down big bucks for creating the class videos . . . a few weeks later, I was removed from the class physically by spirit, and my friend made it her own and taught it for the rest of its duration.  That's a beautiful thing, though it had its moments at the time.

I always intended to remake the videos, once I knew more of what I was doing technologically.  That was not to be the case.  Why?  Because, even though they are RAW as raw can be - even though they are not professional in any sense of the word - and even though there are a host of "imperfections" and out right mistakes that could be corrected . . . there is to be no polishing of these.

I tucked them away, realizing they were my education, lol, for something I had no intention to create, had no desire to be working with, and had no idea what the urgency to do so was really about.  Come to find out, it is all about the energy they hold - very special energy frequencies are embedded within them.

And they are now being released here - FOR FREE - as my "heart and soul" gift to you. So much more than these was created for the class, and my bouquet of classes now unfold multi-media presentations of every kind.  But these?  These were the first ones, a first discovery of something that would become life-long for me.

I found I love teaching.  Though, I don't see it as teaching.  I see it as SPARKING AWAKENINGS in others by sharing the wisdom and magic my own life has revealed to me.  Special, rare, and wise Beings have blessed me with magical knowledge along my path.  It has transformed my life completely.  So I hope that by being a  living example, by sharing my life lived, my "classes" will allow YOU to open into YOUR OWN own truest awakenings.  And to do so sparked with a guiding light by your side, someone who's been there, done that, and so much more.

These are not classes so much as they are . . . deep, intimate connections.  CONNECTIONS OF LIGHT that take place, from me to you, DEEP INSIDE YOUR SACRED HEART!

I hope you enjoy this treasure trove of free gifts, our earliest videos, that you find here.  Energies, vibrations, truths, contemplations, wonderings . . . and magical questions . . . all will flow through you.  If you like, just listen to them.  The video quality is simply what came that day as it was created.  I had no idea what I was doing, and in a really strange way, it creates a very ethereal video - if very raw ;- ) and unpolished - like a diamond in the rough!  I was often without sleep in the wee hours in these videos, or even sick from Sacred Light Events.  They are bare - raw - true - AND REAL!  They will touch you in a very special place inside your heart, in a very special way, if you let them.

The important thing is this.  THE VIDEOS are now offered here for free - and if you are ready to begin or continue your own magical awakening into BEING WHO YOU TRULY ARE . . . and LIVING AS LIGHT . . . these are my gift to you for that sacred process.  We have a whole "library" of free wisdom videos for you here at Celestiava Magic.  And these are some of the first.  ENJOY! 

If you are really ready to DIVE IN fully - HEART, MIND & SOUL! - then I have set up a special PORTFOLIO that holds all the videos for this MAGIC IS AWAKENING collection.  THE PORTFOLIO COLLECTION of "MAGIC IS AWAKENING" . . . allows you to view the entire collection of videos on a secure site and/or download each of the videos, all in one place.  This PORTFOLIO holds the entire collection of videos from the original class, more than just the few individual ones shown below.  AND IT IS ALL FREE!

If you prefer to simply watch one or two, you can choose individual videos below. 


To choose the collection - or a single video - just click on the item below and add it to your cart - it will be included at a zero price. Complete the check out process - no payment required - and an access link is provided to you.  Just click, and enjoy the video!

We hope you enjoy THE WISDOM and MAGIC and WHIMSY these videos provide.  This set was created for the first class, MAGIC IS AWAKENING.  It's all about . . . awakening your gifts and living as WHO YOU TRULY ARE. 

MAGIC . . . is LOVE! 
Enjoy my very first, earliest videos. 
They are THE SEED which began birthing
Our very sacred, very magical . . . SCHOOLS OF LIGHT!


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