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MAGIC at MIDNIGHT - FREE "Awakenings" Videos

Our very special, very magical videos in this collection were also created initially for the MAGIC IS AWAKENING prelude class.  It is the one which would become the introduction to . . . all of our classes yet to come after, and the birth of our very SACRED SCHOOLS OF LIGHT - sanctuaries where souls expand.

These are fun!  These are inspiring!  And these are whimsically magical beyond your imagination.

Let them bring you to a new way of seeing yourself, your life, and the world around you.  They will draw you in, like a sparkling beacon of light, asking you to contemplate, to ponder, and to come PLAY . . . in a brand new world of light.


Enjoy these very precious, very magical gifts of light from our  heart to yours.  The Videos are novice and raw and untouched - which is, after all, by design.  They hold very special and rare energies of light.  If you  look closely . . . if you listen carefully . . . you will detect the presence of MAGICAL BEINGS in the videos.  But whether you discern their physical presence and intonations or not - the gifts embedded there in the videos are yours for the embracing.  SO DO!


If you are really ready to DIVE IN fully - HEART, MIND & SOUL! - then I have set up a special PORTFOLIO that holds all the videos for this "MAGIC AT MIDNIGHT" collection.  THE PORTFOLIO COLLECTION allows you to view this entire collection of videos on a secure site and/or download each of the videos, all in one place.   And our PORTFOLIO COLLECTION includes videos not offered individually below. 


If you prefer to simply watch one or two, you can choose individual videos below as well. 


To choose the collection - or a single video - just click on the item below and add it to your cart - it will be included at a zero price. Complete the check out process - no payment required - and an access link is provided to you.  Just click, and enjoy a video!

 It is true that the greatest MAGIC we ever find Is when our hearts are overflowing With LOVE.  This invisible energy touches everything we do and often leads us to places we never thought we'd find.

We hope that our very special "MAGIC AT MIDNIGHT" videos touch your heart - and inspire your spirit to soar.  WE were touched by the rare and amazing Beings of light who joined us on our way.  It is our deepest wish that they touch you as well!

MAGIC . . . is LOVE! 
Enjoy my very first, earliest videos. 
They are THE SEED which began birthing
Our very sacred, very magical . . . SCHOOLS OF LIGHT!

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