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Luna Waters

It's rare that something comes and find us - and in the process, blows us away.

Luna Waters are like that.

They came unbidden, secretly slipping themselves into my life. 

They called their presence forth and for many years were gifts I gave to those around me, secret barely-whispered-about touches of Light, of Love, of MAGIC.

 And now . . . they can be yours.

LUNA WATERS are sacred, powerful elixirs - potions of water imbued only with magical, celestial lights, energies, and vibrations.  They have birthed themselves to take two forms:  STAR*DUST LUNA WATERS and STAR*LIGHT LUNA WATERS.  Each is precious.  Each is special.  Each is rare.  And each is . . . DIVINE.

First, "STAR*LIGHT LUNA WATERS" are created in a custom formula and a sacred ritual . . . just for you personally.

They come in tiny bottles and you take just a drop in some water.  They are energetic and soulful attunements which nourish, align and bathe your LIGHT FIELD in the sweetest, most tender - yet powerful - frequencies of Light.

Each one takes at least 3 days to create, and is made especially for you - for your body, your energy field, your vibrational frequency, and your soul path.  Shipped in a padded parcel, they travel to you and then open their arms to initiate for you a sacred process:  bathing your light in an energy not often touched - or even found - on earth.

Receive them with your heart wide open, and let them waft through you over a 21 day period.  During that time, you will find that what appears in your life comes to show you A NEW WAY.  They can soothe, inspire, ignite, open, and align - because Your Inner Being will call forth from THIS NEW SACRED & MAGICAL PRESENCE (The Luna Water) all that you truly need to integrate into your Light Field.


The Second Magical Form for our LUNA WATERS is the "STAR*DUST LUNA WATERS".  These come forward only once or twice each year.  They begin when A NEW FREQUENCY OF LIGHT wishes to birth on earth as a special, deep, empowering GIFT for humanity. 

Each year one is offered  on THE SPRING EQUINOX for all those who are ready to be filled to overflowing with a new magical, celestial LIGHT.  These take place over a 3-day period, and can be experienced physically (if you live nearby) or ethereally.  Each one has a specific soulful and sacred vibration to offer to the purest of hearts and deepest of souls.  You can find this year's gift listed below, as well as explore a few from prior years as well.

Both forms of our LUNA WATERS are incredibly powerful, attuning THEIR OFFERINGS OF LIGHT AND ENERGY AND VIBRATION to your specific soul's path.

Potent, yes.  Magical, of course!

Sacred beyond measure - indeed. 

If you are on a journey of expanding your vibration, consciously choosing higher energies, and moving towards ONENESS as your TRUTH OF LIGHT - these are for you.

They come forth at this time to be offered to the world, because as your beliefs change, so do the truths of who you are - and what you need.  These are created to make that transition more open, more clear, and more magical.

With our deepest and most soulful blessings of Light . . .



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