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"Hearts Of Light" -
Openings To The Wonder & Magic

Hearts Of Light
I am amazed - truly.  Spirit and my soul - with help from very special fairies! - are bringing into the shoppe something I did, and created, nearly a decade ago.  WOW!  Talk about simmering or a slow burn! :- )
Here, we are delighted to offer you two very special things.  GIFTS of very special wisdoms from a connection I had on my front porch with a neighbor over a decade ago.  Our weekly "chats" were whimsical and potent, a very creative "Introduction To Light & Oneness" and "LIVING FROM YOUR SACRED HEART".  Those very conversations are now being offered right here for free - just add to your cart, checkout (with a zero price) and enjoy!  (Most of the videos are 10-15 minutes.)
You will find the audio for these, which has been tucked away for nearly a decade, is shared with you largely untouched - it is raw, natural, and real.  It was not scripted nor recorded for any purpose other than for my friend who was certain she would never be able to remember it all!
All sorts of other beings stopped in to visit, from the dogs in the neighborhood, the ravens in the trees and the magical wind, to name just a few.  We're intentionally not polishing these - they are rare and magical in their untouched state.  Perhaps, you will feel as if you are an invisible presence listening to an impromptu conversation . . . that takes some decidedly unexpected turns!
The technology then was not what it is today ;-), but these recordings give you a window into something very special, very magical, that happened years ago.  And, miracle of miracles, it is all just as relevant today as it was then!  Perhaps . . . even more so.
And, for each of these gifts, I will also be offering you A DEEPER EXPLORATION of each topic (coming soon).  We will create a class designed to take that initial SEED OF WISDOM touched on each gathering - and illuminate it, expand within it, dive deeply into it - and apply it ever more beautifully to our hearts and lives. 
These are magical - and simple - ways to begin opening your heart to the wonder and magic of spirit, of love, of light . . . and learning to live from OUR HEART.
You'll be changed, of that I am certain - if you come and play in this field of light.  I know we were, the two original women who - in a moment of magic - laid the groundwork for what you see here.  She simply inquired if she could ask me some questions - about Light and Love, about my world, and my life.  The first few weeks were not recorded - but what we have, we are sharing with you right here, and right now.
If you'd like to know more about how these came to be . . . you can read the deeper story right HERE!
  OH, the power - of a single, heartfelt connection!
It can change everything - about you, about
Your life, and the world you live in.
Let's Do!
* * *

If you are really ready to DIVE IN fully - HEART, MIND & SOUL! - then I have set up a special PORTFOLIO that holds all the videos for this "FRONT PORCH MAGIC - OUR HEARTS OF LIGHT" Collection.  THE PORTFOLIO COLLECTION allows you to view this entire collection of videos on a secure site and/or download each of the videos, all in one place.    If you prefer to simply watch one or two, you can choose individual videos below as well. 


To choose the collection - or a single video - just click on the item below and add it to your cart - it will be included at a zero price. Complete the check out process - no payment required - and an access link is provided to you.  Just click, and choose which video to enjoy!
Enjoy my very first, earliest videos. 
They are THE SEED which began birthing
Our very sacred, very magical . . . SCHOOLS OF LIGHT!

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