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Oh holy light! 

I mean that quite literally :- )!!!

I was touched in a very special way, by a very ethereal being.  Yes, she is physical.  Yes, she is quite dense.  In fact, to your touch, you would at first find her to be HARD AS A ROCK.  But then, she showed me something - oh boy, did she ever!

What appears to my human physical eyes to be her physical self - is not at all WHO or WHAT she truly is.  More magical than that, she began to show me HER TRUE BEING and - in doing so - she changed not just her own form . . . but mine, too!

How?  LIGHT.  HER very unique, very rare, very SACRED LIGHT.  And she did it as if it was the easiest, most joyful thing she had ever done.  I was awed.  You will be, too!

Then, it came.  She began sharing herself with me in a very special, deeply sacred way.  Most beings do - this is not new, at least for me.  But its ever-appearing presence does not make the happening any less precious - or awe inspiring - for me.  I swoon every single time.  My heart skips a beat as it begins - every single time.  And as much as it happens nearly every moment of every day here in my world - each moment is a self-contained event of breathless, magical wonder.  Are you thinking, wow, she is so blessed?  I DO! 

And, now, you can be too!  EVEN IF you . . . don't hear or feel or sense spirit - or think you don't.  More beautifully, EVEN IF you don't believe beings around you have a voice or a soul or consciousness or a presence that could hold a wisdom or a truth that would bless you or change your life in the most breathtaking ways.  EVEN IF . . . you never see another being around you as anything but a matrix of cells that live, die, and nothing else takes place between those two points except for what science defines as being there.

EVEN IF . . . any or all of those describe how you see yourself or the world you live in . . . THE BREATHTAKING HEART-EXPANDING WONDER of the world I live in . . . can be yours.  Without YOU doing a thing.  Without YOU changing yourself or your life one bit.  Without YOU even thinking any of this is possible.


Simple.  This Collection represents the very beautiful - and very soulful - GIFTS of LIGHT from some very special, very beautiful, very expanded PHYSICAL BEINGS.  They hold physical form - they defy our knowing of physical life.  And just LISTENING to what they share, just PEERING into the heart and soul of their form . . . gives you the most wondrous, deeply transformative gift of light.

IT IS HOLY.  IT IS MAGICAL.  IT IS PHYSICAL.  And it is pure science - the physics of LIGHT.  And here, LIGHT means the ESSENCE of all of creation, the spark at the center of all beings holding life - with - AND WITHOUT - form.

What do you do?  Simply choose one, add it to your cart, and check out.  You can share your experience after you receive THE GIFT from YOUR SPIRIT CRYSTAL READING because this listing carries the opportunity to leave a review.  Most of our items intentionally do not - because this is such a personal, intimate transformation shoppe.  BUT THE CRYSTALS have requested it for you, and so you can!

Come back as often as your heart leads you to.  AND - most importantly - choose one anytime you feel led to be blessed by the very beautiful, very profound, deeply WISE - spirit - of these CRYSTALS.

More will be added as the crystals and stones - wish to share their INNER LIGHT with you.  Just remember - every access to these crystals I make is granted ONLY THROUGH THE HEART OF ONENESS.  These are not going to be crystal readings, crystal wisdoms, or even crystal songs or truths . . . like you have ever known before.  AND THAT IS THE POINT!

To "hear" their gift in its original form, you have to be willing to leave your form - completely.  And to yet hold onto THE SHARED GIFT even though you have no mind present.  Even though you are in that moment not separate from the crystal in any way.  Most can't.  To even try would create great vortexes of light in any human body tthat sees itself as physical.  And that is really WHY these SPIRIT CRYSTAL READINGS have come.  The Crystals are sharing their ORIGINAL SPARK OF LIGHT now - their deepest truth.  And no one is hearing it.  They are hearing lots of beautiful, wise things from crystals - but not their CORE TRUTHS of LIGHT at THE CENTER OF THEIR BEING.

This is their voice.  Partake as often, and any time, you like.

By the way . . . the frequencies gifted here are many-layered and the vibrations are self-sustaining.  Once the gift has come to you and passed through you - it cannot be lost.  It will live in the depths of your Being forever more.  Though I do suspect :- ), if you "experience" a specific SPIRIT CRYSTAL READING more than once . . . that the experience will be "new" each time.  I do feel that will happen - if you allow it to! :- )


You can create a whole new life - of bliss, joy, and pure presence - LIVING YOUR DESTINY . . . with no tools and no requirements . . . except to open your heart deeply and profoundly to THESE SPIRIT CRYSTAL BEINGS.  They are gifting you an enormously soulful offering from their most sacred hearts.  AND IT IS FREE ! ! !

What more could you ask?

What could possibly HOLD YOU BACK now? ? ?


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