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Fairy Nests

Wool Fairy Wish Nest
Mystical, magical fairy nests
Are beautifully created for your magical space. 
They also adorn Sacred Wishing Trees, Magical Fairy Trees,
And become the most Tender Homes For Sacred Crystal and Stone Beings.
Open your heart to the wonder and magic these tender creations call forth in each of us. 
They are handmade by a heart filled with love, and sacredly attuned to the whispers of fairies all around. 
The Fairies themselves direct the creation of these very special nests -
The process is a magical one, and it is one they devised and gifted to me. 
Fairy Nests come in 3 APPROXIMATE sizes at this time:
LARGE - fits in your whole hand, with fingertips curled
MEDIUM - fits in the palm of your hand (sans fingers)
WEE - our tiniest fairy nest
If your nest is for a crystalline Being,
Only very light crystals can fit in these.
These nests are VERY ETHEREAL, barely there.
If you want one for a heavier small crystal,
You may order a custom one designed especially for a crystal.

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