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CLASSES: "ENCHANTING" - (Our Mini Classes)

Our "get your toes wet" creation of classes.  These are for those of you wanting to invite in and embrace your FIRST GLIMPSE into the magical realm of Light.  The Journey into Oneness is a soul-directed, soul-driven one.  And, happily - that is all you truly need - YOU.  Your Essence is the perfect teacher, and when empowered and allowed to thrive in that role, will take you exactly where you most wish to be.

Some of us, though, yearn for a little . . . guidance.  Illumination.  Someone to point the way, something to shimmer and glimmer to guide us where to look - and most importantly - to know what to do with it when we find it!

These special classes are designed for those of you ready to explore, willing to open, and yearning to see what might be true beyond what you know and live.

They are fun, light, and amazingly informative.  Yet - the wisdoms do in fact come from deep inside you.  In a magical, playful way - we know just how to reveal some of your deeper knowings and wisdoms through the reflection of a very bright pool of light, which is what we use to reveal our own sacred path.  So come on - get your toes wet - not too deep, not too intense . . . just a fun, playful, and surprisingly POTENT invitation.

WE're here and ready to enchant you.  It's time!

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