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This Collection came at the request of so many souls facing . . . THE UNTHINKABLE.  DIRE STRAITS.

This can be a financial disaster which takes your life and shreds it away from all it has been.  It can be a relationship struggle or death that leaves you with no idea how to move forward.  It can be a family torn apart.  It can be a physical trauma or health issue which leaves you facing the very real demise of yourself or someone you love and perhaps even depend on.  It can be any of these, or heaven help us, several all at one time.  It can be a natural disaster . . . or an inner catastrophe.

If you find yourself in DIRE STRAITS, with seemingly no way forward, and no place to turn for help or mitigation of your circumstances . . . take heart.  Remember, here at Celestiava * Magic we are ALL ABOUT THE SOUL or THE ESSENCE.  This is where our inner power lies - each of us.  More importantly, this is where OUR TRUE CONNECTION to blessings, abundance, gifts and miracles originates from - OUR SACRED CENTER. 

When we are in alignment with OUR INNER ESSENCE, there is nothing we cannot do, no hole we cannot crawl out of, and no demise that we cannot face - and embrace - with love, joy, wisdom, and peace.  A WISE HEART awaits each of us to turn and surrender deeply to her . . . in the most brutal - or devastating - of moments or events.

But here's the thing.  Usually, when our physical life or its material structure is in some danger of death, forced change, or even demise . . . we try to turn to physical remedies.  Money, medicine, treatments, contacts, etc.

BUT - we DO have a secret weapon.  A GIFT of the magic and miracle our soul, our essence, is just waiting to bring to us.  But the entire time we focus on the physical and material plane and ITS solutions, we almost certainly are turning our attention away from . . . THE DIRECTION SIGNS our ESSENCE is sending.  They point us to THE PATH, and THE WAY, which will take us from where we are . . . and lead us to the most blessed gifts and unfoldings, the very miracles it hopes to bring to us.

In this regard, we get it backwards.  We think we KNOW what we need.  Or we hope we can find a way to get what we think is the only solution.  But SPIRIT and OUR HIGHEST ESSENCE is not just MAGICAL . . . it is also ALL-KNOWING.  It knows what is around the blind curve we now face, it knows where we are truly going and really need to be.  And it KNOWS how to bring forth every miracle and manifestation we truly need . . . if we but draw into THE PUREST ALIGNMENT with . . . her.  OUR SOUL:  HER POWER, HER LIGHT, HER LOVE.  It is HER CREATION SPIRIT and SOULFUL WISDOM . . . that awaits us.

It takes trust,  yes.  Faith, yes.  But do you know what most people are truly missing in this equation?  BELIEF IN THEIR OWN INNER LIGHT.  And that is why this listing comes for you.

Often, what we think we need is limited by our fears - and also by our limited view of the available paths forward.  So we have created some powerful (oh my, YES!, they are) and magical (i.e., LOVE moving through unseen) ways that you can take when you are . . . IN DIRE STRAITS.  They will harness the energy and power of both creation AND transformation for you, and for your life, and for all those you love . . . that this powerful moment presents.

I have spent a lot of the past 15 years learning that, no matter what it was, no one else could really help me IN THE WAY MY SOUL WAS REQUESTING, NEEDING or EVEN DEMANDING.  What I truly needed . . . if we were about to lose our house, if I was seemingly about to die, if those I love were suffering, if I could not pay the bills or earn money or our bank account was bled bone dry . . . was TO TRUST THE PATH as it was unfolding and ALLOW MY ESSENCE to show me her true and full power.

I've created this COLLECTION below for those of you who have a few dollars to put towards your TRUE CARE OF YOUR SOUL in this circumstance . . . so YOU can be the LIGHT your essence is asking you to be as this new creation (your life, your body, your family, your home or lack thereof) . . . comes forth in the truest and highest way.

And for those of you without funds, I've been there.  Read through the words given above and dedicate yourself TO LISTENING TO and HONORING YOUR INNER POWER.  YOUR ESSENCE awaits you . . . to truly turn to her - without fear.  She will guide you forward and bring you home . . . to a truer, brand new life.  YOUR BEST LIFE YET!  Then, simply follow where she takes you.  Be willing to allow the path to both transform you and to guide you.  Release whatever she asks you to let go of.  And receive the blessings and gifts - AND SURPRISES! - she then brings.

YOUR SOUL is magical!  Allow her magic, her truest light, to nurture you and take you into her arms.  And watch as her wings lift you up and take you forward.

You have My Light with you, simply by reading these words.  A MAGICAL JOURNEY  awaits you now.  COME.  It Is TIME . . . and I am with you.  In every way you need, and every way that matters.  AND YOUR SOUL KNOWS EXACTLY WHAT TO DO NEXT!  So listen and follow and turn over your fears and your doubts - and drown them in THE LIGHT.  THE LIGHT within . . . YOU!

Sometimes . . . what we need . . . is not what we think.  It isn't the rent or the mortgage payment, it isn't the drug or the treatment or the food.  It isn't even the job or the person or the resources to make our way, pay our bills, or keep a roof over our heads.

Sometimes . . . what we cannot see . . . is that we are being called into A NEW ALIGNMENT with our innermost self:  OUR SOUL - OUR ESSENCE - OUR HIGHEST LIGHT.  And she awaits us to step into Her Light and hand over the reins so that WE can follow HER - from the inside out.

It is quite possible that rather than $1,000 in sudden cash for bills, you really need a soulful $30 ESSENCE that helps you release that which is blocking the flow of abundance you await.  It is also sometimes true that a $100 soulful connection (IN ONENESS) will reveal that which you have yet to see - and then your path opens before you in a new way, with new streams of gifts and blessings beyond your wildest dreams.  It is entirely in the realm of not just possibility - but truth - that a 21-day Luna Water sequence will help you to create the inner vibration that remakes your life.

Any product listing anywhere on our shoppe (be it A Fairy, a Digital Image, a Free Gift Video or Wisdom or Image. . . or a deep and potent soulful Connection, Sacred Essence, or Celestial Luna Water) CAN BE THE THING WHICH YOUR SOUL AWAITS.  It will SPARK the light within you to RECEIVE exactly what you need in the best possible way.  Move through our shoppe, setting aside what you think, and allowing your HEART and SOUL to guide you, click by click, to find that which you TRULY NEED NEXT.  Doing so ensures the free flow of light within you, to you, and all around you.  And that is where each of us step into OUR OWN TRUEST POWER.

I will be delighted to meet you there!

Here's what I know:  WHEN I HAVE NEEDS and THERE IS NOWHERE TO TURN . . . most often, what I need is not what I at first think.  And more than that, it's always a call for me to uncover, discover, or unleash . . . something that lives inside me that I've been hiding from myself.  Something I REALLY DO NOW need to know and embrace.  So that I BECOME . . . all I NEED.

Are you ready?  We're here . . . when you are!

Blessings to you . . as YOU release THE LIGHT WITHIN YOU which already has created that which you so desperately now must seek.  WATCH!  The magic you are about to find . . . IS YOUR OWN!

 And we are honored to have created so many magical, celestial and soulful gifts that you can use to OPEN THAT DOORWAY within yourself.  A few are below, just to get you started.  BUT YOUR SPECIAL KEY can be anything, anywhere on our shoppe.  YOUR ESSENCE knows . . . so let her take you by the hand and your heart will find exactly what YOU NEED right here! 


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