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Custom Creations Made Especially For You !

This is where we pour
All of our heart, soul, and magic . . .
Into something created specially and only FOR YOU!

Throughout the different collections in our shop, we have custom options so that you may request something made just for you.  So we have gathered all of our CUSTOM CREATION - JUST FOR YOU! - options into one collection.  This will make it easy for you to contemplate and choose which one is most beckoning to you in this moment!

Contact us (use the cheerful contact button on the bottom right of each page in our shop) to be in touch if you have any questions before purchase.  These creations made JUST FOR YOU can take some time - and yet sometimes they seem to nearly appear overnight as if by MAGIC! :- )  Whichever path our custom creation for you takes, we will keep you informed and let you know when it is ready to make its journey to you!

ENJOY THESE - they are soulful, magical - and truly, a gift, like no other!

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