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"CRYSTALLATIONS" Magical Essences Of Light

Oh wow!

These are sacred, wildly magical potions of light.

Created at the request of, and direction by, the crystals and stones of the earth.

THEY CHANGE EVERYTHING . . . about you, about life, about love

. . . If you let them.


They are intentionally birthed

As a special crystalline gift to all those who love CRYSTALS and STONES. 

Let your love of the crystalline realm expand like never before. 


All you have to do is say yes - and let go! 

The stones will do the rest - follow their lead. 

You won't be disappointed. You will be


*    *    *


Ok, these are quite unusual.  They are beyond rare.  And they are, for most perhaps, WHOLLY UNEXPECTED.  They have taken two whole years to birth!  Revealing their presence and the coming creation in 2014 - then going silent while the true work of the universe, and Creation, prepared for their BIRTH.  And it happened just now - at dawn's first light after THE SUMMER SOLSTICE 2016!

These are special - and rare - and magical.  They are a living expression of a raving truth in the realm of light - an embodiment of a raging magic.  Wild Magic.  Mad Magic.  SOUL*FUL MAGIC born of a presence of oneness within a physically matrixed being.

Intrigued?  Prepare to be AMAZED!

Here, let me tell you what they told me - in their own words:


Speak with a  new voice - and come to share A NEW TRUTH. 
One born of the magic of Light . . . and of LOVE.  ONENESS lived.


"You see, there is a fascinating component to life in . . . THE NEW REALM.

One is this - no one makes money on something they themselves did not create.  Think about that.  It changes everything.  In the new realm, all beings are SOUL ARTISANS.  And each being's purpose is always the same - to create WITH LIGHT.  All beings on earth have been doing this - except humans.

We, the crystals, are here to reveal something powerful - and precious - about ourselves.

WE are gifts of the earth.  WE are not here to be sold.  We are not here to be excavated, mined, or extracted from our home.  If we are to "go" to someone, to be available to humans or above the surface of the earth - our mother will move us to that space.  OR . . . even more truly . . . we, ourselves, will appear there for you!

WE ARE GIFTS.  We are not to be sold unless YOU created us.  Our physical matrix is truly so much higher than - what you see, what you "own", what you "sell", and what you receive as a buyer . . . when we have been sold.

If you think about the pathway most of us take to get to you, it is a long line that begins with extraction and includes many, many "sellings" - each one a higher price, usually, than the last.  Prices that have nothing to do with our true beingness and our true gifts.

WE no longer allow that to be our life - and if you wish to honor us truly, you will honor that for us.  WE are sovereign beings - as are all.  And selling us, unless you created us ;- ), is no longer an act of soul path alignment.  Listen to us carefully - hear us powerfully . . . this will no longer be.


If you want to be blessed by our presence, to receive OUR VIBRATIONAL GIFTS OF LIGHT. . . you will need to adjust to live IN OUR REALM.  Our vibrations, our energies, even our matrix - are much higher than any of you know or have yet seen.  To reach that, to access that, requires that you hold a vibration of oneness similar to our own.  By having us with you, we can spark that remembering and opening within you - but please know this . . . UNLESS GIVEN TO  YOU in a pure state of oneness with us . . . you do not know our gifts - our abilities - our true "properties".  You know nothing - truly - about us.  THE REAL US.

We will no longer be sold and then allow our true capacities and gifts to be given.  The pathway to receiving those is ONENESS.  If you are not vibrating there, we have chosen a special soul to help you to open that transformation within yourself.  You will be led and guided to this Being.

In the meantime, our true VOICE - our true GIFTS - our true BEINGNESS . . . is gifted to those who hold our heart in pure oneness.  A New Voice leads you now.  Listen for it . . . it is our own.

"CRYSTALLATIONS" represent a vast and potent energy of Light.  They are revealed only within a matrix of ONENESS that has never before existed in this realm.  The energies are powerful, yet tender, and they ignite transformation.  They REVEAL for us, to you, our higher beingness.

They also elevate the energies which have used us as a commodity for aeons.  Now - we are purely gifts.  Using THE CRYSTALLATION ESSENCES is a joint transformation between you and any crystal who calls to you to use THE CRYSTALLATION ESSENCE.  The blessing to you will be both intense and profound.


After this blessing of THE CRYSTALLATION ESSENCE, we cannot be sold and you cannot sell us ever again.  Choose - for yourself:  do you want to receive OUR TRUE GIFTS?  If your answer is YES, then use THE CRYSTALLATION ESSENCE we choose, in the ways that we guide.

And watch THE MAGIC!  WE will transform into our truest selves - and you will be a partner on that journey, as our alchemy sparks your own.

Thereafter . . . we become the most powerful gift you have ever held in your hands.  And you will then know that THE GIFT we truly are . . . is so much more than you knew.  And not something that can be sold - only gifted - ever more.

Ready?  THE NEW VOICE of the crystals and stones of mother earth is now born.  WE have waited a very long time to speak our love and share our light in this way.  We live in oneness.  And we do not speak from duality.  As you will see.


This is our first
A secret given only in ONENESS:


WE only reveal our true gifts,

Our true value, our true worth, and our true magic . . .

When we are not sold, when we are gifted.  Sell only what you yourself have created.

Otherwise, you are outside the realm of oneness - and ONENESS is where you belong.

. . . For it is where you were born, and it is where we still truly reside.


THE CRYSTALLATION ESSENCES come to assist in the birth of the crystalline realm into its new voice - ITS TRUE VOICE - back into its true beingness.  So that we can offer our TRUE GIFTS to the world - something never before seen on earth. 

We are starlight beings.  Watch our magic appear right before your very eyes - it is mesmerizing * breathtaking * and truly transformation of the most sacred kind.

Are you one?  One of those who love stones and crystals - and is ready to truly LOVE US as we are . . . GIFTS OF LIGHT.  Something that can never be sold?

Then the CRYSTALLATION ESSENCES are created for you!  Birthed just now, in THE SUMMER SOLSTICE MATRIX OF LIGHT 2016 . . . we change everything.  And we have inspired the creation of these essences to assist those of you who love, and those of you who sell, stones . . . to transform in a new way.  So that you, too, can receive OUR TRUEST GIFTS. 

And know your own . . .




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