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Connections and Readings

Soul Connections, Readings

The power to connect through the heart

To the soul or essence of any being

Is a powerful gift. 


One that each of us holds deep within Our Being.

 We use this sacred connection to access our highest wisdom, our eternal all-knowing presence, our ESSENCE. 

And we use it to connect with those around us in the same way. 



Through ONENESS. 

Here, all is revealed through LOVE -

And the power to change lives is held in the simplest of revealings.


Soul*Talk, whether for yourself or to connect with another being, is a sacred and powerful thing. 

Honor it.  Cherish It.  Give this sacred gift to yourself.

When you are ready.


Our Deepest Magic

Sometimes blooms and blossoms

Unbidden and unseen, without any intent on our part.

Consciously, that is.


Our Soul or Essence soars with Spirit in some unnoticed form,

And suddenly we find A New Creation beckons - or looms! - before us.

These Creations before you listed here are of this very Ethereal Kind.


They bloomed and blossomed in the shadows or the dark,

While I was not looking nor even paying attention.

Something I was guided to do only for myself . . .

Something that dropped into my lap to create

As if from regions on high, far beyond.


These are . . . OUR DEEPEST MAGIC.

They bring forth for you THE TOUCH of MAGIC, of LIGHT,

Which guides my every breath and every creation I make.

These Creations all hold a deep - and potent - element of MYSTERY.

And in the womb of that MYSTERY, the deep UNKNOWN

Creates something surprising.

Something MAGICAL.

Something . . .


If you feel drawn to one of these,

I can promise you this.



By something powerful.

Something invisible and unseen,

But wholly and entirely




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