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CLASSES: "SPELL*BOUND" - Discoveries Of Light

Well.  We're here.  We've arrived at THE VERY PLACE it might seem I've been running from for ten years.

Sound crazy?  Yes, it seems so.  But we often do that.  WE SOMETIMES MAY SEEM TO RUN from the thing - or things - OUR SOUL comes to do.  Powerful, that realization is.  But here we are.  With me introducing . . . SOUL*FUL CLASSES!  She who thinks no one needs A TEACHER.  She who believes the INNER PATH is always the best.  She who said SHE WOULD NOT TEACH.

Welcome TO MY SPELL*BOUND CLASSES! :- )  This is where our classes, or TEACHINGS :- ) of LIGHT are revealed.They are born of the pure vibration of LIGHT - of LOVE - found at the very center, THE HEART of ONENESS.

They came to me, THESE WISDOMS OF LIGHT . . . GIFTS OF LIGHT, in truth, as I see them . . . in a truly magical way.  They changed my life.  It wasn't just transformation or expansion.  No, we are talking ALCHEMY.  FAST - FURIOUS - ALL-ENCOMPASSING.  LEAVING NOTHING UNTOUCHED, hard as you might at firs think you can - or even try - to control the flow of spirit.  It's an interesting thing, alchemy - it doesn't really happen in the slow lane.  It takes you over.  YOU ARE POSSESSED.  YOU ARE IMMERSED.  You are wholly devoted to the discovery of what lives deep inside you.  And learning to live in the purest frequency of Light - ONENESS - 24/7.

And . . . you are rewarded for that journey by MORE SPIRIT * MORE LIGHT * MORE LOVE & MORE BLISS . . . than you can imagine ever filling up your life.  Sound magical?  Ohhhhh, IT IS!

You may sign up for any of our classes listed here.  And new ones are always in the wings.  THEY ARE MAGICAL.  THEY ARE FUN.  THEY ARE DEEPER THAN YOU'VE GONE BEFORE.  AND THEY WILL CHANGE YOU!  If you let them . . .

In the very best of ways!


Each class is a module of ELEMENTS - 3 or 7, 9 or 11 - whatever matches the depth and breadth of THE LIGHT on which the class itself is born from within.  They are delivered by video, audio, and in digital printed form - whatever the creation itself chooses.  You can go at your own pace, they are released one element a month.  These are most often  year-long journeys of opening, awakening, and discovering LIGHT.  And they create soulful paths of wonder and destiny that are formed as your INNER LIGHT begins to truly sparkle out into the world.  The Initial Elements are then usually followed by 1-3 months of integration, where your questions are illuminated and the act of applying what is now a new frequency and vibration birthing into presence within you . . . begins the process of these gifts deeply taking root into every aspect of your life. 

In this way, most of our classes complete in generally 12 months.  A year long journey of awakening and opening that is, in a way, custom tailored FOR YOU.  Whatever energies come up are the ones to open your heart to . . . this is not one size fits all.  This is especially created . .. FOR YOU AS YOU ENTER THE CLASS.

Our classes are presented as a beautiful pathway OF LIGHT.  They go deep.  They awaken your inner heartbeat.  And they transform you - from the inside out.  There is no more potent or powerful work than that - awakening YOUR OWN INNER LIGHT into its true depths and heights of LOVE. 

The magic and miracles that brings . . .
Is a gift only WE
Can give to

Though most of our classes are year-long, a few have designed themselves to be offered quarterly or for shorter durations.   You can read more about our CLASS OPTIONS:  HERE.   They are AN INVESTMENT . . . in you.  Your Bliss.  Your Expansion.  Your Truest Life being created with your every breath.  We have to wonder . . . what could be MORE WORTHY of our time, our presence, and our resources . . . than AWAKENING OURSELVES into our own truest and purest LIFE of LOVE?

Yes, wonder . . . one must.
;- )

JOIN AT ANY TIME!  And to learn more about how we teach, and why . . .

And how these classes are different than anything you've ever encountered before . . . . you may click here:


Are you ready? 

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