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"Approaching . . . Light * Spirit * Love" - A CHARMED CLASS

"Approaching . . . Light * Spirit * Love" - A CHARMED CLASS

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Getting to know yourself - means getting to know spirit.  Our truest natures, our deepest purposes, our most powerful gifts . . . all lie in the very center of our being.  Each of Us.  All of Us.  Every last One of Us.

That part of us lies in our very center, a space that is non-physical in our crudest sense of who we are - yet, is a physical presence within us.  Let me explain.  When we think of ourselves as physical beings, we envision bones, teeth, eyes.  If we take that further, we might include our mind, our intellectual capacity, even our feelings.  BUT THERE IS SO MUCH MORE.

Our physical selves all spring from A CORE FOUNTAIN of light that is ever-present, always expanding (if we're open, aware, and present), and holds the keys to who we truly are.

Everything you think of as being who you are - is either true at your center - or not.  So much of who we think we are - and live as - is not actually TRUE FOR US IN THE CENTER OF OUR BEING.  Rather, it is a belief that we have adopted based upon our past, based upon what we have been taught - even by our science!, or based upon our life experiences.

Discovering this true part of your deepest self is at once eye-opening - and soothing.  Suddenly, that which has always confounded you makes perfect sense.  And now, you find that things which have always been a struggle for you suddenly hold purpose and a new path for either integrating them into your life - or letting them go.  Moving beyond our very limited human views of who we are . . . is the first step in opening ourselves to all the hidden potential, capacity, and gifts we hold inside.

If you're ready to expand how you see yourself, and what you think your life can hold - come.  It is time to approach . . . THE DEEPER YOU.  By touching the LIGHT, the SPIRIT, the LOVE . . . we all hold within our center of being!

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