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This group of classes came about last - and are the shortest.  But don't let that fool you - they are hardly "the least"!  They hold so much power and potential, that I cannot believe they did not come to me sooner!  Inspired by my own clients - friends - neighbors - nearly every one I meet who learns what I do . . . came this.

We so often feel that a connected, inspired, spirit-filled life is something elevated beyond our individual capacity.  Short of moving to TIBET or living in a group with spiritual teachings 24/7, our human lives seem to dictate . . . a different existence.

Yet . . . that's not true.  I was ordinary.  I was fearful.  More like fear-filled!  And I was wholly intellectual in my approach to life and the universe.  Pros/cons - right/wrong - that kind of thing.

But . . . my soul and spirit had other plans!  My Essence unfolded a path I had no choice but to walk . . . and here I am.  TRANSFORMED!

We think of transformation as this huge, life-engulfing thing.  AND IT IS!!!  Yet, it can happen to anyone, anywhere, anytime.  And it is ignited in its fullest potential - BY LOVE.  Pure and Simple.

So these classes were born to allow those of you who wish to "get your toes wet".  If you're ready to wade into the pool of spirit, light, and connections of the heart - then these classes are created just for you!

They are our shortest - they are our simplest - they require the least commitment from you in terms of time, resources, and attention.  In short?  They can fit easily and purposefully into THE LIFE YOU HOLD NOW.  They don't even ask you to change - how amazing is that?!?!?!  They simply ask you to come . . . and explore.  TO DISCOVER the first glances and glimpses of the invisible universe we all live within.

But more than anything . . . they open the doorway within you so that you can embrace HEART TO HEART connections.  Conversations and connections that can take place from a higher space.  Want to learn to hear your animals?  Want to understand what's going on in your withdrawn child?  Want to open your heart to your spouse who feels disconnected from you?

WHATEVER IT IS, these classes are short, simple and sweet.  More like . . . DISCOVERIES OF THE HEART, rather than your ordinary concept of a class!  They can open your mind, spark a new intention, and align your inner energies with the world around you in a way that makes it more accessible and available to you.  DEEPER CONNECTIONS.

The pathway for heart-to-heart communications.  Of every kind.

Choose as many as you like, go as deep as you wish, invite your inner connective tools to rise to the surface and bless your life.  You'll be ever so happy you did!

Classes are online, available for you to move at your own pace, and ready when you are.  Our lives are just waiting for us to show up and be present in a more true, more full way.  These classes help you to say YES to that invitation.  ONE CHARMING DISCOVERY at a time!



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