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Celestiava Meditations of Light

A surprising new addition to our shoppe!
I'm ever amazed how, in the flow of an ordinary day (what's that??? :- )),
Something flutters in and lands on my heart
And Wishes To Be Created.
Well, that's magic.  YES.
But . . . sometimes . . . it's not EXACTLY what we
Might think we want to
Make or create.
Yet, as is the soul's way,
Always takes you just exactly where you most need to be.
Even where you MOST WANT TO BE,
You just don't know it.
Every class you find on our SPELL*BOUND CLASSES page
Came about in just precisely that way.
I was never going to teach.
(Note to self, and anyone else who cares to listen . . .
Be VERY CAREFUL in the future about
Saying "NO".  And particularly "NEVER".
:- ) )
Well, these came about all on their own.
Without a whisper of a hope or a prayer on my part.
They could have stayed hidden and buried from my knowing
For my whole entire life and I'd think I wouldn't have cared one single drop.
THAT IS . . . until they began to be born.
OH MY.  Like a dad holding his newborn, yes -
That moment of birth changes everything.
They came.  They danced.  They wished.
And here they are!
These are not your normal meditations.
Oh no.  Not by a world. They don't intend TO BE.
  These are unlike anything.  Truly.
That is by design.
They've come.
They hold enormously powerful gifts.
And now,
Coming by June 21, 2016 . . . for the SUMMER SOLSTICE . . . they can be yours.
I'm happy to say . . . . they are unlike anything you have ever found.
Two options exist, for now - more formats coming in the future..
You can purchase a DVD to be shipped to you,
Or download digitally once purchased.
Experience the magic of meditation
As you've never done it.
And for those of you
Who think you don't know how
Or aren't sure you can or want to do it . . .
You'll be smitten. 
I was.
:- )
That is why I actually was "won over"  to offer them here.
They were created, it seems, as a gift.
A Gift for my babies.
I can't explain that
But you can muse . . .
:- ).

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