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"CelestiAva * Magic" Sacred Potions

Unbeknownst to me . . . something was brewing.
It was beckoning.  And it was coalescing.  And it was growing stronger.
Soon . . . it would no longer be willing, or able, to be denied.
You see, I had no idea what was coming.  And if I had, what would I have done?  Really?   NOTHING.  If you live in the realm of LIGHT and SPIRIT and SOULFUL POWERS OF MAGIC . . . you follow the light.  You don't evaluate - nor respond - in human, mental, linear ways.  YOU LISTEN TO THE SACRED HEART WITHIN YOU.
I listened.
This collection was born of that deep, sovereign space where . . . there is only ONE LIGHT.
We are creating . . . some very special, very rare, VERY POTENT . . . ESSENCES OF LIGHT.  All of our sacred essences are - there is no doubt about that, if you've been blessed to be touched by one.  But here, I'm speaking of something else.
SOMETHING PRIVATE.  SOMETHING PROFOUND.  SOMETHING . . . well, to be quite honest, nearly HIDDEN.  These are almost never revealed.  They come - they birth - they take form and presence.  And then . . . they wait.  Until they feel a heart, a soul, a spirit . . . with the frequency of light to MEET THEM.  To be introduced to their presence, their power, their indescibable . . .. MAGIC.
These are . . . The Celeatiava*Magic Sacred Potions of Light.  They're like our essences . . . but they are more.  They're like our precious LUNA WATERS . . . but they are more.  They are truly Sacred Elixirs . . . yet they are more.
Truth be told - these are nearly indescribable.  They resist labels at every turn.  And they don't intend to lay out - nor reveal - their identity in a table of contents listing.  THE POINT is to come into their world . . . as you might enter a most sacred sanctuary.  To give them YOUR presence, YOUR attention, YOUR inner self . . . and they will return to you the favor.  They will bathe you in THEIR WISDOM, you will bask in their POWER, and you can invite THEIR MAGIC to be your own.
These are . . . beyond special.  Too potent to be described online.  Too powerful to be listed for all to find and know and see.  They are TOO BEAUTIFUL to be revealed except in a very special way.
They ask of you only this:  YOUR FULL PRESENCE.  What you will receive in return is mind-defying, life-altering, and something else besides . . . SPIRIT UNLEASHING.  Yes - you heard me - these RELEASE YOUR SOUL'S LIGHT, YOUR TRUE PRESENCE, in ways rarely witnessed, much less experienced, by humans on earth.
These embody ALL THE MAGIC which has moved through my life, my world, and my physical space the past two decades and more.  They come to share themselves with you in a magical form and creation - if you are one of the chosen . . . the ones WHO CHOOSE to BE LIGHT here on earth in a very special, deep, and transformative way.
This Collection holds all of our "CELESTIAVA*MAGIC" SACRED POTIONS OF LIGHT.  When you purchase one, you purchase TRANSFORMATION - ALCHEMY - AND AWAKENING.  And I mean that in the deepest way possible.  Likely, far more than you can yet imagine.
Each Essence listed here includes a six-month availability for guidance and illumination for you as you delve deeply into THE BODY OF LIGHT which it holds FOR YOU.  The Essence will CHOOSE YOU - and by that I mean,  your soul will vibrationally "CALL FORTH" the one which is the greatest gift to you at this time.  You will receive your SURPRISE ESSENCE :- ) as soon as it reveals itself to me to ship to you.  (Please, do remember, it is A SURPRISE to your mind perhaps, but your heart and soul HAVE CHOSEN IT TO BE THE ONE FOR YOU.)  You will also receive guidance and revelations during the first month - of what the essence means to your soul, why it was chosen, how it will flow through your life, and what magic and blessings and gifts it holds.  The next two months, getting you halfway through your SIX MONTH PRESENCE for THE POTION, include deep Illumination about the subtle gifts THE POTION holds for you, powerful reflections about how it is taking presence in your life, and its hopes for the future creations it can birth in your life. 
At the half-way point, three months in, YOU and THE POTION are deeply integrated and the flow between you is trusted and honored.  The next three months unfold at your pace and pleasure, between you and THE POTION.  But you will also have any guidance, encouragement or illuminations you may find you need during that time.  For these last three months, I will be available for short email conversations and follow up guidance, as you begin to deeply EMBODY the gifts, power, and magic THE POTION has come to offer you. 
One MAGICAL POTION - six months of guided integration into its beauty and power.  Potions that no one else has seen.  Potions no one else knows exist.  SACRED LIGHT in a very special form . . . birthed for truly soulful, magical purposes.  They await . . . THE SPECIAL ONES. THE MAGICAL ONES.  The ones who are ready . . . TO TRULY LIVE AS LIGHT.
These listings are special to my  heart.  Choose with care.  Listen to your soul.  And follow your heart.
THE MAGIC AWAITS YOU.  It's all here.  The "Celestiava*Magic" Sacred Potions . . . are ready now.  ARE YOU?

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