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"A TIME OF POWER" Connections


There are moments that come - and we are forever more changed.  They might seem to have come unbidden and to be uninvited . . . BUT OUR SOUL ALWAYS KNEW OF THEIR COMING.

These moments are A TIME OF POWER.  They hold great power.  Great energy.  Great emotion usually.  But they hold something even more IMPORTANT.  A time of destiny.  Moments where it is OUR INNER KNOWING lived outwardly that will have the greatest impact on this event as it unfolds - and, perhaps even more importantly - on our LIFE and OUR SOUL PATH as we move through it.

Our path forward?  Is dependent upon THESE TIMES - how we step into them, how we move through their power, how we transform in their wake.

It is important at these times TO HEAR OUR SPIRIT - OUR OWN INNER HIGHEST VOICE OF LIGHT.  She holds all the keys, all the wisdom, all the knowing . . . for how to make our best path forward.  She also knows US - MOST TRULY.  And can guide you forward like no other could possibly ever truly hope to do.

Our "TIME OF POWER" Connections were born of a request to always be there, present and available, to guide another through HER TIMES OF POWER.  To clarify what she was getting from spirit - to dive deeper into her inner wisdom than she was yet able to go - and to do something more.  TO TOUCH THE HEART OF ONENESS which holds her own truest and deepest destiny - and to understand and honor how this moment before her was . . . A CHOOSING.  OF LIGHT.

These Connections are for those time when you KNOW you have entered - or about to do so - a powerful vortex of light.  One which will leave nothing untouched in your life.  One in which YOU hold great power . . . to MEET THE MOMENT with your own TRUEST LIGHT.  Your highest power?  It always comes from WITHIN YOU.

These Connections are designed to make that TOUCH FOR YOU so that you can hear and feel . . . that which whispers deep within you.

These are powerful times.  And that's a good thing!  It means TRANSFORMATION AWAITS - and WILL BE.  Why not embrace this time with ALL OF YOUR OWN INNER LIGHT . . . leading the way?!

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