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Madness and Light

It's true the world can seem quite mad at times.  Events here or there often make us wonder who we, collectively, have become.  Yet in times like these, I find the single greatest truth to be something quite different than what our human minds perceive - or what is fed to us through the filters of news, media, etc.

That truth?  At our core - at the heart of our being - WE ARE ALL LIGHT.  We all come from Light and we all return to Light.  The truth of our being is the part of us that remains forever untouched, unharmed, unjaded and uncompromised - by fear.  Hate can only be found where there is fear.

Our power as human beings is the same as it is for all forms of life:  TO CHOOSE WHO WE ARE.  TO LIVE AS WHO WE TRULY ARE:  LIGHT.

I choose Light.  Every day.  Every moment.  Every breath.

Do you?

That single act changes our world in the most powerful and potent of ways.  SEE THE LIGHT in every being.  Find it.  Search for it.  And honor and bless it.

The storms we see in our human world are the most powerful opportunity we have ever held to define who we choose to be.  Our power in these moments is immense.  As soon as you take sides, you have chosen something beyond LIGHT.  Why?  Because when you SEE THE LIGHT in "the other", you find we are all ONE - they are you - they hold love - they are pure in their center.

LOVE.  Deeply - powerfully - profoundly.  With every fiber of your being.  THAT is the gift and the power we all have within us to offer to a world seemingly gone mad.  Let your words and your actions MATCH that LIGHT which is the purest spark within every form of life.

In doing this, we ignite REAL CHANGE.  REAL TRANSFORMATION.  And it begins, first, within ourselves.

Think it's not possible?  I encourage you to try it every day for a week, a month, a year.  IT WILL CHANGE YOU.  And when you do that . . . you have already changed the world.  THE MADNESS is an opportunity of global proportions.  Our power awaits us - one and all.

This morning, there is madness let loose once more in our world.  But my heart is not heavy.  I feel only peace.  And love. 

Perhaps . . . just perhaps . . . that is the point of it all.  If there is reason or purpose to the madness we see - let that be its gift.  And we will create MAGIC from within what seems so dark.

I am . . . breath by breath . . .

Join me?

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