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Dear Fairi*Angel - Should I Fly?

Dear Fairi*Angel,
I'm going to a girls' weekend to visit some friends from high school I have not seen in decades.  I have not flown in a very long time. 
Is it safe for me to fly?

 Dear. . .

"Living With No Fear",


I think the real question to ask here is not . . . IF . . . it is safe to fly.  The real question is this:  ARE YOU SUPPOSED TO FLY at this time for this trip?  Is that THE HIGHEST CHOICE for you?

And the answer to that question is this:  IS YOUR HEART guiding you to go?  Is your wisest heart guiding you to make this trip, to take that flight?

Your heart speaks in a whisper that is quiet and still, peaceful and profound.  It moves you to take chances - and sometimes to hold back.  The highest question is not "WILL I BE SAFE"?  The question is . . . ARE YOU BEING LED from WITHIN, from your highest and deepest self, to fly?

And why is THAT the question?  Because, in that space, YOUR ESSENCE sees and knows ALL the future possibilities the trip holds.  And it will guide you to do that which is . . . YOUR VERY HIGHEST CHOOSING.  When you do that?  YOU THEN KNOW THIS:  whatever happens, or does not happen, whatever comes . . . it will be the perfect outcome for you and your soul path.


Learning to live in this space is magical.  It is also wise.  Why?  Because YOUR HEART holds no fear.  More importantly, it knows and can see your highest path while here.  Your heart is not focused on keeping you safe, as we humans think of that. 

Your Heart focuses on being sure you are right where you most need to be - to meet the moments your soul and essence have created just for you.  Those moments are gifts to you for your own growth, your own expansion, and your own very best life lived.

Ask a different question.  And you'll get a higher answer!

Fly?  Don't fly?
The answer is . . . FOLLOW YOUR HEART! 
Now, today, and in all the moments to come.

And then whether something happens or not - you'll be right where you are meant to be.  And all the power and light of the unseen universe will be there with you, to guide you through. 

Follow where your heart leads - to go or not to go - and do so with courage.  YOU are held in a beautiful web of Light.  Its power flows through your heart.  Nothing can touch you except that which YOUR ESSENCE knows holds a gift or blessing, a teaching or a revelation, of wisdom and love for your soul.

We all can . . . FLY! 
If we listen to our heart.


* * * 


And, if you are very high vibration, you will want to lower your frequency a bit before you fly on an airplane. ;-) 




Of Light and Love and Magic,

The Fairi*Angel


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