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The Time Beyond The Heart

There is a space we barely know.  It shimmers and twinkles, and even does sometimes often seem to Glow.  And yet, in its Time, it beckons us to see . . . that there is a space deep inside us, both you and within me.

It is here that OUR HEART's magic does truly take wing.  The Space where there is no time - and everything can be fresh once more, like spring.  Here, a worry is dissolved in a flash, because THE HEART KNOWS that what comes is always for the best.  And, true, here . . . a heavy regret can finally find its own wings and flutter away, transformed . . . by the HEART's KNOWING that it was all about what it would BECOME, not what it did or did not do.

So you see, there is A Truly Magical Place - where time itself is no longer true.  Or real.  Or holds power.  In this place, all wrongs are put right, all sorrows are made whole, and all regrets find their way to a knowing that magic was carried within the depths of that event's being.

This Space is not so far beyond us.  WE simply must leave something at the doorway to our heart.  Think of it the way you might leave your shoes at the threshold before entering your home.  Yes, this is like that.  If you will choose to LEAVE the concept of TIME . . . right there, before you step into your heart . . . you will find that THE MAGIC OF PERFECTION is alive and well.

It is binding ourselves TO TIME that makes us forget that OUR SOUL and ESSENCE is timeless.  And in that space of the heart, it does dissolve all the boundaries of time.  A person no longer with you in the physical realm can be heard - and seen - and felt.  An outcome you'd do anything to change or take back . . . can be made whole in a way you would never think to create.

TIME is a boundary.  When we are willing to let it go, to leave it at the threshold as we move deeper into our heart . . . we discover something truly magical.  That time - though an illusion - holds an element of magic and grace itself.  It creates for us the feeling of ends and beginnings.  But our inner LIGHT is ever a circle and sphere of star*bursting love . . . and time cannot reach it no matter how hard it tries.

When we let time go - everything moves in this wondrous dance which REVEALS to us its perfection.  We don't have to change things . . . we simply embrace THE TRUE MAGIC they were always designed - and created - to hold. 

If it is time for you to dance ever deeper into the magic of your soul . . . do so now.  Enter that sacred heart space once more.  And leave TIME behind this time . . . you may just find that TIME itself becomes magical.

Things 20 years ago that seemed to end badly . . . suddenly reveal a celestial and divine gift.  Some aspect of you that you always turned away from may finally now illuminate a gift of true wealth.

Time itself . . . carries the truths of the mind and the physical realm.  But when housed in your essence, it simply loses all that MATERIAL power and steps into its own true magic . . . which is ever so much more enchanting.

What is time to you?  Something that controls you?  Or something you allow your heart to guide?  I suggest the latter . . . for the HEART turns everything in its domain into potent, shimmering magical fields of Light.  And Time can be the very same!

Enjoy . . . your MAGIC of TIME today.  By letting it go and then seeing what sparkles and shimmers appear in its wake!

Have fun now . . . as TIME becomes only this . . . about PLAY!

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