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Excitement Reigns

excitement reigns

We're thrilled to be sharing our very magical, very ethereal creations with the world!

Our creations are often years in the making - quite literally - and so when that moment of time finally comes when one, or many, are ready to be shared with the world, it feels like a party here!  Our Studio can barely contain the excitement today as so many of our creations are preparing to announce their presence to the world. 

They are each made for someone special, someone whose heart really is called to welcome one of these creations into your life - or to gift to someone special.  We've only just begun to share these special beings with the world in this way.  Until now, the person for whom they were destined had to almost literally show up at my front door!  How's that for magic?!!?!?

We are following spirit's whispers
And moving at the pace of light here . . . 
As we add some of our oldest and newest creations to our very special shop. 
Let us know what speaks to your heart.

We engage in Sacred Commerce here - which is our term for sharing your deepest creations with the world.  You can read more about that in the SACRED COMMERCE section of ABOUT US - just ask if you have a question.  We're so happy you have stopped by!




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