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WE often, as humans, tend to see things in black and white.  But much of life vibrates higher than that duality - and thus, does not fit there.  No matter how uncomfortable it can be for us to have to live with that reality . . . IT IS LIFE.
INTENTIONS are simply THE PURPOSE we activate for each and every thought, feeling or action we take.  Yes, thoughts and feelings HOLD intentions - just like an act does.  Think of it as the fuel you put into a rocket to send it where you wish it to go.  Or perhaps imagine it as THE WRAPPING we put around any and every thing we say, think or do.  That ACT, THOUGHT or RESPONSE is sent out into the world wrapped in an energy - a gift wrapping if you will - for its journey. 
And, just as a gift wrapped in pretty ribbons and bows is received in a certain way . . . so too is something ensconced in a dark skull and bones, or something broody.  Whatever OUR INTENT is for the creation of something . . . accompanies it on its journey.
To make this perfectly clear in an easy way, think of someone who pays you a high compliment - how nice you look, how wonderful your presentation to the group was - BUT says it with an underlying sentiment or hint of sarcasm.  You know and sense, you feel and perceive . . . the words being spoken do not match THE INTENT they carry.
When we begin to consciously CHOOSE our thoughts, our feelings, our reactions and our beliefs . . . we stumble pretty rapidly into the power - and perplexity - OF INTENT. 
Intentions both clarify - and force us to really DISCERN - what is true and real, no matter how it appears or the package carrying it.  And for our own inner landscape, this is most especially important - and also a quite magical discovery.
For example, what would you think of someone whose beloved elderly cat was dying.  Its organs failing, the cat slipped outside and then lost all control of its body - and seemed to have no idea what was happening, who or where it was.  And let's say you went out and scooped them up and brought the cat inside, laying her gently down on a blanket by the door. 
And then . . . you stepped away.  Next, you sat on a bench nearby - a foot away - and cried precious tears of pain and loss, love and sadness.  But you never once got up to touch, to soothe, to comfort, TO LOVE the cat.  You sat there, separating yourself from her - in her highest or worst moment (depending on whether you see death as the end or as ascension into light).
Now, I ask you.  What on earth were you doing?  WHY would you sit nearby - and NOT touch or soothe her?  WORST OF ALL - even when she managed to summon all of her last remaining strength and once lift her head for a single moment - and saw you there, then collapsed back down, as if to say . . . WHERE ARE YOU, COME TO ME, I NEED YOU - YOU STILL DID NOT MOVE.
Would you think that person did a good thing - or an unconscionable thing?  Was that person being loving - or cruel?
Believe it or not, in The Realm Of Light, what matters most is NOT THE ACT . . . BUT . . . THE INTENT.  The Intent is the energy you use to make a choice, to take an action, to welcome a feeling or an emotion or a thought . . . INTO YOUR LIFE.  It is how you begin TO CREATE what comes after.
In our example above - put yourself in that person's place.  (I used the word 'YOU' in the example early on - even though technically grammatically incorrect - to make it easier for you to imagine yourself in that moment).  What if your INTENT was to force the cat to die alone, too caught up in your own issues with death to offer her a loving last touch or whispered comfort?  WHAT IF YOU left her lying there without lifting a single finger to share this moment with her in a way that helped her physically or emotionally . . . because you were just too afraid of DEATH to look it in the eye and watch it pass through her?
In that instance, were you being loving?  Were you being your highest self?  Was what you gave to that dying soul given with an intention of LOVE - of LIGHT - of A PURE HEART?
Now, what if your INTENT was to honor a request she had made of you long before - to allow her LIGHT to waft into the house and its ethers, as she passed away, without any intrusion or interference?  And what if she had insisted to you that you leave her right there in that spot until her "dad" got home . . . so that her energy - what little was left in her body - would remain within her and be able to flow into him right before she died, as he held her in his arms.
And what if, had you scooped her up and held her in your lap with the tears running down your face, as you ached with all your heart and soul to do . . . she would have passed on into the light at your first touch.  And would have NEVER HAD THE DEATH, THE SACRED DEATH, she had chosen and hoped to have - the one she had created and even worked very hard to share with you so you could honor it?
And what if . . . sitting there, you quietly drowned in gut-wrenching waves of tears so profound and deep that you could not even breathe . . . as she lay a foot away from your feet . . . watching her every shallow barely-there breath? 
And what if . . . SITTING THERE AND NOT TOUCHING HER!!!!!!!!!!!! . . . was one of the hardest and most excruciating - YET SOULFUL -  things you have ever had to do?
If THAT was the situation unfolding that dark day . . . and YOUR INTENT was to do and be every thing she had asked of you, no matter how hard, no matter how painful, no matter how excruciating it was to love her and do just as she wished . . . then were YOU perhaps being your highest self?  Were you then finally LOVING HER at the height and pinnacle of your soul's ability???
As you can see, in both of these examples, THE ACT - what physically took place - was exactly the same.  What made that act something to celebrate - or regret - was simply this:  THE INTENTION which fueled it.  THE INTENTION within which the act was created and held.
Yes, INTENTIONS are a potent thing.  They are a powerful source of energy.  But more than that, they require us to discern their true presence BEFORE we can truly KNOW . . . the truth of something.  And that is why I say . . . INTENTIONS MATTER!
For us now, as THE COVID VIRUS flows through our world . . . even more important than our thoughts and actions is something else.  OUR INTENTION.  It lies within and behind every single thought, emotion, and action we hold.  It is very hard to know THE TRUTH and THE VALUE - even THE MEANING! - of something - anything - until we perceive THE INTENTION WITHIN WHICH it flowed to us, through us, and into the world.
I hope that as you are swimming in the swirling energies and daily tides of this global event, YOU are consciously and openly taking the time and inner presence to first - above all else - CHOOSE YOUR INTENTION.  For your thoughts and expressions, for your actions and beliefs - for every thing you think and do and imagine right now.
For it is that energy
Which we are all using right now TO BIRTH . . . what comes next. 
For ourselves. And for each other.
It's a most potent thing.  And it is a power we rarely recognize that we hold - much less set loose.  But I urge myself, and you, and each of us . . . to take the time to truly examine THE INTENTION behind our most insignificant comment AND our biggest decisions right now.  For within that somewhat unseen energy . . . LIES THE BIRTH OF OUR FUTURE.  One and all.
The power is ours, it belongs to each of us.  The question is:  ARE WE WILLING TO DO THE WORK . . . to ensure WE are giving the very best of ourselves to each and every moment. 
You can say 'yes' probably pretty easily.  But do your thoughts and responses say otherwise?  If so, take a deep look within - and see what your intentions truly are.  FOR THEY ARE THE LIFE BLOOD of every energy you release into the world.
And right now . . . WE ALL are being called to own that part of ourselves . . . for we are CREATING OUR FUTURE as we speak!  As we think!  AS WE . . . CHOOSE ! ! !


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