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Choosing HOW you see yourself - and the world unfolding all around you - is not being A POLLYANNA.  It's not even POSITIVE THINKING - rather, IT IS POSITIVE CHOOSING.  It is about taking control of the reins of what YOU CREATE in your life.

When WE choose the energy we wish to live within . . . and respond with to the world around us . . . we do something truly magical - WE CREATE.  And when we do this with conscious awareness, we activate all sorts of capacities and abilities that flow through our physical forms - but originate in the deepest energy centers of our Highest Being.

You might think of it as having your own personal guru - or fairy godmother? - inside.  There is a space where ONENESS LIGHT emanates from within each and every living thing.  And this space carries the highest frequencies of energy in any dimension of life.  If you choose to, you can tap into those.  Heck, you can even just choose to live ALWAYS & ONLY from that space - if you want - no matter what comes.  IT'S ALL UP TO YOU!

The imprortant thing is this:  ENERGY is the fastest way to TRANSFORM or to CHANGE anything in the material realm.  We as humans usually have been taught to begin on the outside and, sometimes, from there we may ultimately work our way inward.  But the real formula for rapid and powerful change of any thing - TRUE ALCHEMY - be it a circumstance, your own Inner Being, or even a physical expression of life . . . is to begin with THE CENTER inside, the energy it holds, and work your way out.

I will not go into any more detail about that here, I just want to highlight that when WE CHOOSE to live our lives from the highest frequencies we are capable of - it rapidly changes not just our thoughts and what we see, but it changes our bodies.  And it changes something else:  IT CHANGES OUR LIVES.

Our lives become rapidly seething with newly birthing ripples of possibility and potentiality that were not there or visible moments before.  CREATION LIGHT is infinite - and endless.  WE are intended and designed to continually live in the CENTER of its abundance and potential.

Why don't we?  FEAR.  All the lower vibrations we indulge in and wrap ourselves in on a daily basis create a fog between us and THE PURE LIGHT ENERGIES we can otherwise use to create our truest, highest and best selves - and lives.  Even a lot of what we think is love holds fear.  And I'm here to tell you - that's an illusion.  LOVE never does hold fear.  It cannot - because PURE LOVE is PURE LIGHT.  And PURE LIGHT dissolves fear, fear cannot exist in its presence.

So to the extent WE WILLFULLY CHOOSE the energies of our day - our thoughts, our emotions, the view we will hold of ourselves and others, the words we will use, and the perspective we will adopt of each and every event - we are also exercising our own ability to tap into INFINITE CREATION POWER

It is a positive energy - the highest.  And it can only be accessed and wielded . . . to the extent you match IT'S FREQUENCY.

And there you have it.  It truly is as simple as that.  The physics of it is fascinating, and I will one day happily take you there.  But for now, that is all any of us truly needs to know.  WHATEVER ENERGY you are holding and choosing day in and day out . . . in your every thought and deed and breath . . . IS WHAT YOU WILL CREATE AND SEE APPEARING BEFORE YOU AFTER. 

Why?  Because.  It is the energy  YOU CHOSE - and - CREATED WITH.  Like always finds like.  Do the math :- ).

It's not as hard as you may think to choose A HIGHER ENERGY for yourself and your daily life.  First, simply pay attention - listen for YOUR HEART over your mind - and indulge yourself in daily moments of simple joys.  They surround us continually - the sound of a bird, the peace of a caterpillar, the magical shape of a cloud.  All of these raise your vibration.  It's there - you just have TO CHOOSE . . . WHO YOU WISH TO BE!

And, ultimately, I have to say . . . THIS IS OUR GREATEST POWER OF ALL!

Let's wield it WELL ! ! !



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