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DISTANCE - especially as we are experiencing during this time right now - can actually help you to develop DEEPER CONNECTIONS with others . . . ENERGETICALLY.

As much as people are easily feeling more "isolated" and glued to their screens right now, I find that - with a little pivoting - we can all begin to discover something different and magical about THIS SPECIAL TIME.  It's unlike anything the world has ever experienced before, at least quite like this.  Perhaps that makes it special . . . in a way we might not at first see.

You see, physical connection is easily the thing we rely upon most to connect with others - using our physical senses like hearing and seeing and touching.  Most people identify PRIMARILY as a physical being and settle into primarily physical ways of interacting with the world, each other, and even themselves.

But there ARE other ways, and arguably, they are DEEPER and TRUER than even the ones we use automatically and without thought.  We can use this time of DISTANCING - ENFORCED PHYSICAL DISTANCING - to become more familiar with our other connection abilities.  These are just as natural to us as sight or hearing, and we all have them.  They simply operate more beneath the surface - or may seem to - because we forget they are there, how to use them, how to respect and honor them.  BUT THEY ARE ALWAYS THERE - and no one can take them away from us.  Not even a government, lol!


Our inner senses can allow us TO KNOW what others are feeling or thinking without ever speaking to them or seeing them - IF OUR DESIRE TO DO SO SPRINGS FROM A SPACE OF LOVE AND FOR THE GOOD OF ALL BEINGS CONCERNED, including them and ourselves.  Our inner senses can also help us TO SENSE when someone else needs something, even without knowing what is happening to them in that moment

And our inner senses can do something far more powerful, too.  Our inner senses can help us to navigate THE DEEP UNKNOWN in ways that keep us safe and protected . . . while ALSO inviting us to take the steps that will magically lead us to places we would have never known to go otherwise.

In short, OUR INNER SENSES help us to learn to operate in ways that allow our highest wisdom to take the reins in our life - even if our ability to know or see or hear or touch something cannot help us.  Trust me, this is a capacity we all have - and it is one worth developing and growing comfortable with for ourselves.  Why?

Because it will help you TO SOAR when others are stumbling, it will LEAD YOU to surprising gifts and amazing discoveries that no one else may know, and it will do something EVEN MORE INTENSELY POWERFULIt dissolves your FEAR. 

Truly - think about it - if you KNEW that no matter what happened, you would always have this portfolio of INNER ABILITIES that could light up the darkness for you like a spotlight . . . why wouldn't you want them?  They turn the worst of times in your life into something TRULY MAGICAL.

And they lead you to find, and to hone and expand and perfect, your own TRUE INNER ABILITIES AND POWERS OF CREATION.  You were never meant to live here and to operate within this material realm without them.  They are a sacred part of you.  And they make life - any life - even the most brutal storms of life - so much easier to navigate.

I hope we are all using this time of IMPOSED DISTANCING . . . to develop these deeper abilities of connection within ourselves.  You do not need someone to teach you so much as . . . you just need to let YOUR HEART & YOUR HIGHEST SELF . . . show you what you hold inside. 

This is, for me at least, A TRULY MAGICAL TIME. 

It is my wish and my prayer that the same . . . IS TRUE FOR YOU!  Why?

Because . . . "where we go one - we go all"!

And I'm going deeper than ever before . . . into THE MAGIC and POWER OF MY SOUL.  Come with me, on your own Inner Journey too, if you like.  I do promise you this:  LIFE WILL NEVER EVER BE THE SAME AGAIN FOR YOU . . . if you do. 

And you will be EVER so glad you did!


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