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The primary component of life . . . is ENERGY.  VIBRATION.
And, ultimately, that matters more than the physicality you can see.


While we view physical life PRIMARILY through our PHYSICAL SENSES, there is a lot of "life" that cannot so easily be seen or touched.  Yet, these parts are as real - and have at least as much impact on us - as those we are familiar with.  Microwaves and electronic frequencies are rarely seen or heard - but they are most certainly FELT.  All kinds of vibrational frequencies exist just beyond the veil of our primary senses.

They are truly just as real - and are just as possible to see and hear, sense and know - it simply requires us to open up to other senses.  Those which pick up on more subtle frequencies.  Animals - and even trees! - are able to do this naturally and effortlessly and continually.  And so, too, are WE - if we allow the natural "abilities" within us to blossom and flourish. 

It's not hard - it just often requires A CONSCIOUS CHOICE.  And a willingness to allow your heart to lead the effort, so that your mind can grow more comfortable there, more developed in these new galaxies of knowing.  Your mind will then learn to expand and can support and enhance them, versus tucking them away behind a veil you cannot easily access or see through.

These abilities are yours - and they are not hard to access.  They are a natural part of you.  But the one thing that can stand between you and them is YOUR MIND.  And specifically . . . FEAR.

Fear is one of the lowest vibrational energies in all of life.  And it pummels down every vibration it touches into a lower frequency.  Every choice we make that runs counter to our highest and best interest - as chosen by our WISEST AND HIGHEST BEING - is made out of fear.  Fear is potent and it is powerful - but it is also something WE CONTROL.

It is ultimately up to only us . . . if WE STEP INTO AND THROUGH our fears.  So we can arrive on the other side - having grown and transformed and expanded into a more WHOLE expression of ourselves. 

Only we get to choose. 
And only WE get to enact that choice.
THE POWER . . . ultimately . . . is all ours.


Now, I am not in any way saying it is EASY.  I am simply saying . . . it is up to us to choose.  AND THAT WE CAN DO IT.  I know, because I have and I do.  It can take a lifetime, or seemingly so, but every step you take along that path brings you face to face with a more true - more real - and more powerful . . . YOU!

It is, I promise you, A JOURNEY WORTH TAKING.  And there is no better time to begin - than right now.  Today.

Tucked away, as we are, in our own personal nests of life, by government order . . . we come face to face with the opportunity to truly and honestly SEE what is bouncing off the inner walls of our mind - in our thoughts and feelings, our emotions and our conversations.

You cannot IMAGINE how utterly powerful it can be to slow down and take a continual very deep look at what is going on in between your ears day in and day out - and even those of your loved ones.  It is eye opening.  And, let's be honest, it's sometimes disheartening. 

Because believe it or not, many of us feel we are catapulted into - and controlled by - this dark abyss of the fear and the unknown right now.  And we may be.  But it is not really THE EVENT ITSELF which is placing us there.  That's not TRULY the culprit, so to speak.  Rather, IT IS OUR OWN INNER spirals of fearful thoughts and negative energies which are being amplified into much of what we feel.

I know it looks bad.  I know it sounds bad.  I know it seems bad.  But . . . it is only WE . . . who can choose how WE respond to that "IT".  And the more you are reinforcing a negative or fearful viewpoint in others, the more your commiserating is amplifying and expanding THE VERY THING you wish was not there!  You're using your power every day - but are you using it well, wisely, and as you wish . . . for what you truly intend to create?  THAT, my friends, is the question before each of us right now!

It's not really rocket science.  Put in its simplest terms, LIKE ATTRACTS LIKE.  More importantly, what you focus on internally is WHAT YOU SEE externally.  Every time.  In every event.  I'm sure you know someone who can find and see THE BAD in every thing.  Literally, every thing, large or small, seemingly good or bad.  They can fret or worry or criticize their way into and out of any event - blessing or curse.  We all CAN.  Whether we choose to - IS A MOMENT TO MOMENT CHOICE WE ALL MAKE - no matter the circumstances.

We can all SEE the potential for dire consequences in this event.  How could we not?  They are presented to us 24/7 by the news, the pundits, the talking heads and experts - if you engage with that.  I DO NOT.  Why?  Because they do not seem to understand a single thing about THE PHYSICS OF LIGHT - nor - THE ENERGY OF MATTER CREATION.  If they did - they would not see, and then offer, what is being presented on nearly every channel of news and information and opinion right now.

To me, it seems we have two options.  SUCCUMB to the reality being painted in the stories and narratives and facts they weave together for us . . . OR . . . understand the event as it is, but see it from A HIGHER VIBRATION.  When you do that, not only do "new solutions" appear which can wholly transform what could happen, but at the same time . . . and, perhaps more importantly . . . YOU YOURSELF become a higher vibrational energy actually impacting THIS EVENT!

We get to choose if we are helping or hurting - if we are raising this event up (both globally and individually) into a higher vibration or plunging it into a lower one.  Think you don't have that kind of power?  Think again.

Just consider for a moment, WHO do you think is going to have an easier labor and delivery most of the time:  the first time mom who is calm and confident within herself, who is breathing and directing her own inner landscape of thoughts and emotions, always choosing (or returning to :- )) the one that holds the higher energy?  The one who strives to hold an energy of trust in herself and her body, an energy of peace and faith and love?  Or the mom who is not just nervous or even fearful (how could she not be, right?), but her every thought is about the worst case and what could go wrong?

Which one of these beings, going through a similar event, is going to be more able to SWIM IN THE OCEAN of the huge transformation before her . . . and respond in the way that is best for her and her body and her child?

Have you ever tried to laugh while your body is tensed?  You can't.  One - the laughter - or the other . . . THE TENSION . . . wins out.  One will remove the other.  It's nearly impossible to do both simultaneously.  That's part of why laughter is so cleansing and healing - it resets the energies and dissolves a big chunk of tension and fear. 

And the same is true of holding fear while trying to expand into a higher frequency, so that you can engage ALL OF YOUR INNER GIFTS, WISDOM and ABILITIES . . . in order to move forward in the best way.

Without knowing it, we often sabotage our own highest and most joyful path forward . . . SIMPLY because of the energies we willfully immerse ourselves within.  The good news, though, is  this:  WE control that.  WE choose that.  WE enact that.  Therefore :- ) we are the ones holding a great deal of power over how these creations MOVE THROUGH US and OUR LIVES - even if the event itself is not of our making - like a pandemic!

The truth is, if you have ever felt POWERLESS . . . I suspect you are looking in the wrong place for your power.  IT LIES INSIDE OF YOU - and no one else can access it for you, nor take it away from you.  NO ONE.

Once you learn to focus on THE ENERGY within yourself, most things in your world and your life flip upside down - and even sometimes inside out.  You begin to see them in new ways, you are able to discover a new perspective or solution, and perhaps MOST MAGICALLY . . . entirely new options and choices begin to make themselves known to you.

In a way, this is A MAGICAL TIME.  We can all feel the stress and distress of the world, individually and collectively.  But we can ALL CHOOSE to meet that energy with a carefully chosen one of our own - A HIGHER VIBRATION, A HIGHER FREQUENCY.  And believe it or not, that is EXACTLY where all of our true power lies.

Why on earth would any one of us want to navigate these uncharted waters we face right now . . . in any other way? 

I know I do not.  DO YOU ? ? ?

We can think of this as a wondrous opportunity to really turn our attention to - and to deeply call forth - our own powers to direct THE ENERGY (thoughts, emotions, viewpoints) from which we see all that is happening right now.  If you do, you might just find when this is all over - you wake up into a magical feeling of being ready TO CREATE A BRAND NEW LIFE for yourself.  The one your soul is ready to reveal to you!

It's happening here for me as we speak.  I hope the same blessing and gift is true for you!  I know it can be - if you want it to be.



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