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"Your Inner GPS . . .

And Finding Your Own Light"


During storms, our usual senses are often distressed - or not strong enough - to function well.  During ordinary moments, it is easy to function on auto-pilot, going from one decision to the next, using our familiar ways of dealing with life.  Most often, we are not TRULY PRESENT for each of the choices and decisions that roll our way one after another, like waves to our shore.  Mostly, we pay attention when there is a big cost or a big reward down the line, tied to what we choose today.

Yet, during times rife with THE UNKNOWN . . . we often feel stressed and at a loss . . . because we don't know what to do, what will be, what it all means.

But WE DO - each of us - have an always present INNER "GPS", so to speak.  It is part of our genetic code, in that we carry it with us into this lifetime and into this physical expression of being.  It's not physical as we think of physical to be - it is energetic - spiritual, if you will.  And it is never, ever wrong.

Usually, it is our mind which guides our decisions, our choices, and our thoughts - our way of viewing ourselves and the world around us in each and every moment.  But there is a deeper part of us that ALSO GUIDES US - if we let it.  This part of ourselves is Our Wisest, and resides deep in Our Center.  And we receive ITS messages . . . IN OUR HEART

Our heart holds a sensory communication system that, electrically, is extraordinarily more powerful than even our minds - quantumly so.  The electrical impulses and signals of the heart DWARF those the mind can hold, even functioning at pure capacity - which is extraordinary, if you think about that.  And it becomes even more mind-bending . . .  when you realize just how often we PRIORITIZE and REVERE the mind over the heart in modern society.

The brain and the heart function in different ways.  But it is THE SACRED HEART - which encompasses more than just your physical heart with its built-in communication system - that is designed to carry the impulses and communications, the wisdom and knowledge from OUR ESSENCE.  They can be perceived by the mind, yes - but ONLY IF you allow that; your mind can also block you from sensing them.  You still register the message - you just fail to notice it. You might be shocked to learn that a lot of people traverse their entire day without ever tapping into . . . THIS DEEPER WISDOM.

During storms of all kind and times of great uncertainty, the mind moves to worry and fear because it cannot discern the best way forward.  HOWEVER, the higher energies of the heart can see the full spectrum of what is hidden or invisible to the mind - as well as compare those things to your own sacred blueprint for this life.  In other words, your heart knows where you need to be and go IN ALL MOMENTS based upon the inner map of what is most important to your soul or essence for your time on earth.

When storms arrive, it is only THE HEART or YOUR INNER GPS which can truly navigate the path forward without fear.  And come to find out, THAT is exactly where your truest power lies - whether you be a scientist or an empath!

The path to your highest choices is always activated with THE WISDOM OF THE SACRED HEART first, which can then engage your mind in helping execute the journey forward.



Your INNER "GPS" knows exactly what is the best step forward for you to take in each and every moment - and when and how TO TAKE IT.  BUT ESPECIALLY SO when you are enmeshed in A DEEP UNKNOWN. 

Your mind can only make choices from "known" or "predicted" information - but your heart and your essence deal in THE WHOLE.  Therefore, this time before us all is A CALLING, if you will - to go deep.  A calling to practice and hone our ability to LISTEN TO OUR ESSENCE, to HEAR THE WHISPERS OF OUR HEART . . . and to FOLLOW THE BECKONING of OUR SOUL.


Because there is SPARKLING LIGHT hidden in every event of THE UNKNOWN.  And it carries within it a way to live a truer life, be a happier and more present person, and perhaps most of all . . . to understand that every event comes to help us.  How?  To help us to transform . . . into WHO WE TRULY ARE and CAME TO BE:

BEINGS Of Light.  Of Love.  Of Soulful Power.

The real magic of this time is perhaps hidden to most.  But it is THERE, available for all to discover, if we choose to.  WE simply are asked to sit back and cultivate a stillness and inner peace . . . within this time of profound UNKNOWN . . . and allow OUR HEART & OUR SPIRIT to be heard.

The thing is this:  she is always there, guiding you.

The question, really is this:  ARE YOU LISTENING ? ? ?

Unlike the mind, YOUR ESSENCE speaks in impulses that are filled with peace and a gentle knowing.  She does not compete with the loud demands of your mind, nor does she engage in fear or judgment.  SHE ALWAYS only finds . . . THE LIGHT and THE LOVE . . . which every moment can hold, if you allow her to guide YOU forward.


So, for today,
Who and what is guiding your every thought right now? 
YOUR ESSENCE and YOUR SACRED HEART at your center . . . or your mind? 

The Unknown is a cauldron of creation, designed to issue a powerful, unavoidable INVITATION to us to TRANSFORM in some way:  and in doing so, to consciously create and become our next best and highest self.

The outer circumstances may be distressing and yet the power for this to end in a beautiful way belongs - ONLY TO US.  I'm listening to MY ESSENCE with a powerful and deep intention.  Perhaps it takes work and energy to do so, but believe me, so too does listening to FEAR.  I can tell you this - I am finding enormous peace and joy during this time, as well as a small sense of excitement for what is to come. 

If that's not you . . . it can be.

You just have TO CHOOSE.  And create the space inside to listen for . . . THE WHISPERS OF YOUR SOUL.  This is a magical time.  We each face an incredible opportunity. 

What will YOU DO with it ? ? ?



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