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"Let's Ask The Big Question . . .

WHAT IF ? ? ?"


Let's pull out from the shadows of our minds . . . the big WHAT IF!

What If . . . our economy tanks and our world looks nothing like what we knew just weeks ago?

What If . . . your company closes, your retirement funds disappear, your livelihood as you know it actually dissolves?

What If . . . you cannot pay your rent or mortgage, cannot get a paying job or cover your bills?

What If . . . your life hits a big fat concrete boulder in what USED TO BE the center of what you KNEW YOU - and YOUR LIFE - to be?

What If . . .you get sick or someone you know dies?

Let's get these out in the open, because the more they - and anything like them - lurk in your thought spirals, the greater their power.  Even if you don't realize what you're doing, those thoughts carry energy - and energy congregates and feeds itself with similar frequencies.  You can quite literally LAUNCH AN EVENT without even knowing you're helping make it happen.

Perhaps you think you are just facing facts, and that worry and anxiety are a part of the way you get through this?  Yes - but only if you choose that - only if YOU decide that is the best way.

There is another.  It's a little bit like major league sports and how they approach employment issues with their talent - in that world, you are always ONE TRADE away from a new beginning.

So let's trade . . . our WHAT IF's.

What IF . . . you lose your job, but find something you love to do more, even if it pays less or means living a different life, leading to a livelihood - and a life - you never before imagined would fill  your soul with so much joy?

What IF . . . our world is never again the same, but we find that some part deep inside of us comes alive in the ashes and each of us creates a better life - a more wholesome life - a more spirit focused life - a happier world?

What IF . . . we lost much of the life we used to hold, as a world, and yet find ourselves with an astonishing blank slate and choose to create a surprising new masterpiece?

Even though times of uncertainty and struggle may abound, THEY TOO CARRY . . . sparkling opportunities.  What I do know is this:  it is incredibly hard to BEAR WITNESS to the sparkling opportunity hidden in what seems dire . . . when you are focused on the dark game of "WHAT IF".

So IF you are going to play that game, at least TRADE the WHAT IFS you indulge in . . . for better ones!  Ones that inspire - ones that uplift - ones that encourage you to step right into THIS TRANSFORMATION as it comes, and make it YOUR OWN!

I intend to do just that!  And I hope you will join me, because it brings such a deep inner peace and outer joy to me while I'm dancing - just like you - here in this vast sea of The Unknown.

I'm excited to see just what I can create, become, expand into . . . SOULFULLY! . . . as the life we all knew transforms.  It can seem like a bad thing, I know - that's easy.  But I believe WE CAN SEE IT from a higher perspective.  From the space inhabited by OUR SOUL or OUR ESSENCE, OUR HEART and OUR HIGHEST SELF. 

She knows a tiny little secret :
TRANSFORMATION is always about
Getting to . . . a higher frequency of life.
So in the end . . . perhaps none of this is really as bad as we might think.  WE just have to know how to embrace the changes it brings, and then use our own Inner Power of Light to create a new life.  Perhaps even . . .  a life of HIGHER LIGHT and DEEPER LOVE and TRUER SPIRIT. 
Something definitely worth . . . whatever the cost this time before us brings.

I'm all in for that!   ARE YOU?

If so, the next choices you make - your thoughts, your emotions, your actions - will be how you live whatever you choose this time to be. 



It's a powerful time, indeed. 
Perhaps a hidden part of that power. . .


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