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Is there such a thing as . . .



LIGHT is your birthright - and - your legacy.  More importantly, it comes from deep inside of you.  NO ONE stands between you - and it - other than . . . YOU.  Nothing can block you from it except for your own conscious self, fed by your mind - specifically your fears.

We are all here to become OUR TRUEST and HIGHEST SELVES.  That means, we are here TO TRANSFORM - to grow and expand INTO OUR OWN GREATEST EXPRESSION OF LIGHT.

Think of a caterpillar turning into a butterfly - that kind of EPIC METAMORPHOSIS is the real, and true - and ultimately DEEPEST - purpose for life here on earth.  So I have one simple - yet powerful - question for you:

ARE YOU . . . transforming in an EPIC WAY?
ARE YOU . . . going through alchemical CHANGE and GROWTH?
ARE YOU . . . continually creating new birth after NEW BIRTH within yourself?


And, can I ask you one more thing? 
If the answer above is NO . . . then . . . WHY NOT?

YOU hold all the power - ultimately.  It is up to YOU - and only YOU - to begin, to continue, or to complete THAT SACRED JOURNEY.

Is there something you deem more important?  Is there something that seems more critical to your well-being or your development?  Is there anything at all which is somehow DEEPLY CALLING to your soul within your daily life . . . that your highest self encourages you to give up THIS TRANSFORMATION of SPIRIT & SOUL & LIGHT - for that something else?

I didn't think so.  Do you know why?

Because THIS TRANSFORMATION IS our soul's deepest purpose, greatest yearning, and truest bliss.  And if there is something in your everyday, ordinary human life that FEELS COMPARABLE to that . . . then you have probably already moved from the physical into pure light. :- )

OUR ESSENCE uses our physical life to express OUR INNER LIGHT.  But her values and what is important - what is critical - what is necessary - AND EVEN WHAT IS LIFE AFFIRMING AND NURTURING . . . are very different from most human constructs.

So if you are going to STEP INTO YOUR OWN TRUE INNER POWER . . . you have to become very clear inside yourself which set of rules - and truths - she  (YOUR HIGHEST SELF) lives by.  Otherwise, you have lost your way before you even began the journey.

YOUR INNER REALMS OF LIGHT are where your deepest and most powerful abilities exist.  To bring them to the forefront, and to live within their depths, you simply must OWN YOUR LIGHT. 

In the simplest of terms this means . . . TO VIBRATE in your human expression of being TO THE HIGHEST FREQUENCY your own Inner Light holds.  Your human self then matches the vibration - the frequency - of your spirit/your soul/your essence.  YOUR VERY PUREST CENTER OF LIGHT.

This Alignment creates a synergy which allows no barricades or blockages.  All that is truly YOU - your light, your power, your energy - flows in a pure and undiluted stream of CREATION LIGHT.  And every thing you touch, say, or do . . . becomes a living expression of that highest part of you.

Now obviously most humans on earth are not living that way.  How do you know?  It requires ONENESS.  You cannot live as who you truly are - PURE LIGHT - and see others as separate from you.  So you do not eat them, you do not treat them physically in any way you would not do to yourself.

Because . . . in ONENESS you have no boundary.  And so every thought, every deed, and every emotion you hold - ALL OTHERS ARE FED THAT AS WELL. 

It's a heady thing. 
It's a potent thing. 
It's a miraculous thing.

And it is YOUR NATURAL INNER POWER.  YOU simply have to awaken and expand your own surface, physical, or conscious self . . . INTO THAT REALM.  To become far more intimately and deeply familiar with that INNERMOST PART OF YOU.

And it is time TO DO SO.


Forbidden?  NO. 

This Light, these powers, these truths and wisdoms can only be HIDDEN FROM YOU - by you.

If you think they are forbidden . . . then YOU made THEM so.

My life itself is devoted to that very thing: 

ONENESS and the TRANSFORMATIONS OF LIGHT it brings to us all!

If you are ready to step into THE CENTER OF YOUR OWN LIGHT . . . then Celestiava*Magic is here to encourage you on that journey, with creations like this one, :MAGIC IN THE TIME OF CORONA". 

We are HERE.  We live and play in PURE LIGHT.
We are waiting . . . FOR YOU!



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