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There is a hidden magic within times such as these.

It is the very times when our grasp is pulled and even undone, from the tethers which hold our lives, our world, and our identity in place - which OPEN DOORWAYS we never knew were there.

When we are in the midst of our ordinary lives, we rarely see - nor pay attention to - a lot of the messages from Our Inner Being.  They get drowned out, let's just be honest, within the cacophony of frantic schedules, hectic striving, and endless responsibilities we all face.  WE have woven much of our lives into a mess of orchestrated chaos - reactions, shoulds and musts.  (In truth, all of these are ULTIMATELY usually based on some controlling, if unseen, FEAR.  But that is a journey for another day!)

But - when our fingers are pulled from those columns which hold our world intact and our lives in place - we are freed.  What do we lose?  Our carefully crafted ILLUSION . . . of control.  It does not FEEL like freedom, especially in the beginning, I grant you that.  It feels more like some mini Armageddon - to be sure.  Something we may never survive.

And yet, these times hold AN UNCOMMON ability to compel us to OPEN OUR EYES.  They invite us to literally SEE what we have not yet seen - about ourselves - about our lives - about our journey and our path here on earth. 

For most of us, the relative trimmings of our life keep the depths of our soul's wisdom - and purpose - just beyond our reach.  Even if we meditate or regularly go deeper within ourselves to discover what magical if unknown parts of us might reside there - even then - we typically ONLY explore to the extent it can fit into OUR CURRENT LIFE.  OUR FAMILIAR PARADIGM.  OUR COMFORTABLE BELIEFS.

But . . . when THE UNKNOWN and THE UNEXPECTED join together in ways that touch nearly every one of us profoundly . . . WE WAKE UP.  Or we have the chance to do so - in a way we might not otherwise.

What we have been through - individually, as a country, as a world - is very rare.  And as difficult as it is and may be for some long time to come . . . this itself is perhaps even something more than we at first see.  Something BEYOND all the doom and gloom, the fretting and the worrying.  And what might that be?

THIS EVENT has created A SPACE OF UNCOMMON LIGHTIt has separated us - while connecting us - in a VERY UNUSUAL AND RARE WAY.  By its very definition, it has done the impossible - separate AND unite us at the same time - if only in a shared experience that is unusual and rare. 


This time, to me, IS RAW.  It is, after all, THE GREAT UNKNOWN - and every one from leaders to experts to individuals - have little idea about what is best.  WE are trying - all of us.  But do we really know?  Not likely.  How could we?

So, to me, this time IS RAW because it is unpolished and unsculpted, in many respects.  It holds enormous potential - yet little of it is currently visible.  It holds great power - yet much of that remains to be seen.  It is somewhat like A BIG MYSTERY.  The one you go into not knowing how it will turn out.

But times like this, which ARE so raw, so organic, so unusual for our civilization . . . create a space for enormous ENERGY.  And MAGIC!  The magic, to be quite clear, is simply this: 


WE can use this time to do something powerful and amazing.

WE can seize these moments to both invite AND to engage in an active INNER TRANSFORMATION.

WE can behold all that we were and all that our lives held weeks ago, and turn an honest and discerning eye to it - TO SEE what may have been hidden from us for years.  Decades.  A lifetime?

What I DO KNOW is this:  I have felt from the very beginning of this event that it was about SO MUCH MORE THAN WE KNEW.  And that it was one of those moments that becomes LIFE ALTERING.



We see it

- And us within it -

Will dictate WHAT COMES NEXT.

So I find this event incredibly INSTRUCTIVE.  LIBERATING.  And . . . magical.  The magic of it is the profound energies it has laid at our feet.  How many times in the past months before this happened did YOU actually contemplate the power you held to harm yourself - the power you held to harm or even kill another person?  How many times in the months before the virus did YOU think about whether the life you created was sustainable in the long-term - or even whether it was TRULY FULFILLING YOUR SOUL'S NEEDS and INTENT?

The thing about something being so raw and unscripted is this - it creates a space for enormous energies of creation.  And every moment, with our every breath, that is EXACTLY what we are doing . . . CREATING what comes next.

I have, for myself, been contemplating THE POSSIBILITIES this time holds for me.  IF you knew you might die the very next time you leave your house :- ) - what would be important to you?  And, of all things, what would be WORTH THE RISK of dying . . . to do/to create/to go out for?

Now, to be clear, I am not actually afraid of the virus - not of getting it or getting sick or dying from it.  I am not even afraid of giving it to another.  That is simply not my paradigm.  But the CONTEMPLATION of those things is ILLUMINATING at inner levels that we rarely take a good hard look within.

I have also contemplated something else - something which I hope has fluttered in and landed on the heart of every soul in this vast world.  IF our physical life can be taken at any moment, by something hidden and invisible, something we cannot see coming or even know is there . . . WHAT MATTERS MOST TO US?

In reality, that is THE TRUTH OF OUR LIVES every day in the material realm.  WE never know what might come, we can always die in one moment to the next - our journey here on earth is written in the pages of a story WE CANNOT READ.  If that is true, and this EVENT really showed us this truth in a raw and living example like no other . . . WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?

To me, it has been a profound and beautiful opportunity to "COCOON" with my beloved . . . and with my soul.  Like being snuggled in together in the midst of a storm raging outside, you don't know how or when the storm will end or what life may be there (including your own) when it is done.  YOU ONLY HAVE THIS TIME, THIS MOMENT, TOGETHER.

It has also been a gift of epic wisdom, to really contemplate just how precious and fragile this physical life always is.  We know this, truly we do - but how often do we actually immerse ourselves in that knowing - and live from that space?  If we do nothing else, I believe we have all been issued a potent invitation:  to really GO DEEP WITHIN and DISCOVER WHAT MATTERS MOST TO US - for our time here? What is it . . . that TRULY MATTERS . . . TO OUR SOUL? 

What would I RISK every thing TO DO - TO BECOME - TO CREATE? ? ?

We do not usually think in those terms - risking ourselves, our lives, our livelihoods - for what matters most to OUR SOUL or OUR ESSENCE to complete while she is here. 

But because it seems so powerfully clear to me that THIS IS A RAW and MAGICAL TIME - that means it holds extraordinary AND RARE POTENTIAL.

The potential for creation is staring us in the face like never before - and I mean individually.  SOULFUL CREATION.  The kind that is inspired ONLY BY OUR ESSENCE, the kind that makes our mind go WOW, and the kind that gives you chills when you think about actually TAKING THE PLUNGE.

The kind of creation . . . YOUR SOUL came to earth to enact!

Beyond the fear and uncertainty, it is my hope that we are all feeling A RENEWED SENSE of BIRTH.  And REBIRTH.  For ourselves, for our love, for our lives. 

I cannot think of any better time nor any better use of this profound event - than for us TO TRULY BIRTH something EXTRAORDINARY in our own lives, each and every one.  Something SOULFUL.  Something MAGICAL.  Something POWERFUL.  Something EPIC.


Yes, this IS most certainly A RAW & A MAGICAL TIME.  Perhaps one births the other?  We are all held in A SPACE OF UNCOMMON LIGHT.   What comes next - will be OUR LEGACY.  OUR DESTINY.

It can even be OUR HEART'S

I believe I know mine. 

I am utterly MAD . . . about LIGHT  - in the best of ways!  I am enchanted with the expansions and transformations held within the ever-expanding vibrational frequencies of PURE LOVE.  I am smitten 24/7 with the ability we all hold for INNER TRANSFORMATION into ever higher vibrations of LIGHT.

I am in PURE AWE of the power that LIGHT can hold to transform both us AND everything about our physical material lives.  I adore ONENESS and the capacity we each hold to continually expand into infinite vibrations of pure love and pure light - our gifts of PURE INNER POWER and PURE CREATION. 

I have never felt so powerful and so empowered as I do when I STEP INTO THE CENTER OF MY SOUL'S LIGHT.  That space is often held within THE DEEP UNKNOWN.  So I consider it a potent friend.

I hope to touch others with the beauty and grace, the magic and power . . . those soulful transformations hold for us all.  And I am always humbled to share the pure magic of living our own PURE INNER LIGHT.

That is my heart's song. 
(Or at least - giggle*giggle - one of them!) 
It is not new nor even newly awakened. 
WITH A FIRE AND A PASSION that will not be denied.
Do you . . . KNOW YOURS?





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